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10851 St Peters, S Ronaldsay - North Parish c/13/23;
H. In loving memory of THOMAS HALCRO who died 1st July 1973 aged 69 years, beloved husband of EDITH DEARNESS who died 3rd June 1993 aged 85 years. Till we meet again. 
Dearness, Edith (I28752)
10852 St Peters, S Ronaldsay - North Parish c/13/25;
In loving memory of JEMIMA N DEARNESS died 10th June 1973 aged 75 years. Also her husband ARCHIBALD HOGG died 5th Jan 1974 aged 72 years. 
Dearness, Jemima Norquay (I28745)
10853 St Peters, S Ronaldsay - North Parish c/13/26;
In loving memory of MARY DEARNESS who died 29th July 1972 aged 74 years, beloved wife of SAMUEL SAUNDERS who died 13th July 1980 in his 82nd year. 
Dearness, Mary (I28749)
10854 St Peters, S Ronaldsay - North Parish c/13/30;
In memory of JOHN B LOUTTIT who died 19th July 1971 aged 76 years.
Private, 8th Seaforth Highlanders. 
Louttit, John Brown (I22920)
10855 St Peters, S Ronaldsay - North Parish c/2/12;
In loving memory of WILLIAMINA LOUTTIT or LAIRD died 6th Nov 1983 aged 81, dear wife of JAMES CUMMING died 27th Jan 1988 aged 71. 
Louttit, Williamina (I23435)
10856 St Peters, S Ronaldsay - North Parish c/6/14
L. In loving memory of MARY A S T LOUTTIT who died 17th January 1971 aged 67 years, beloved wife of WILLIAM D LOUTTIT who died 4th April 1995 aged 89 years. When our labours and trials are over. [Urn] For nanna. 
Louttit, William Duncan (I22984)
10857 St Peters, S Ronaldsay - North Parish c/8/11;
D. In loving memory of THOMAS PEDEN DUNCAN who died 30th June 1966 aged 62 years, dear husband of GEORGINA D T DEARNESS who died 23rd April 1993 aged 86 years. Peace, perfect peace. 
Dearness, Georgina Duncan T (I28762)
10858 St Peters, S Ronaldsay - North Parish Kirkyard A/11/1;
Erected by PETER ANNAL in loving memory of his wife ANN CROMARTY who died 15th Feby 1865 aged 53 years. Also the above PETER ANNAL who died 8th Jan 1891 aged 92 years. Also their youngest daughter JANE T ANNAL who died 15th Aug 1914 aged 72 years. 
Cromarty, Ann (I1170)
10859 St Peters, S Ronaldsay - North Parish Kirkyard A/11/4;
In sacred memory of JOHN HENRY NORQUOY ANNAL, beloved husband of JANE TAIT, who was killed in France 22nd Mar 1918 aged 32 years. Also the above JANE TAIT who died in Stromness 25th Feb 1975. Also their daughters JANE CHRISTIE who died 4th Jan 1916 aged 3 months, MARY JANE who died 16th Jan 1948 aged 30 years. 
Annal, John Henry Norquoy (I1337)
10860 St Peters, S Ronaldsay - North Parish Kirkyard A/11/8;
In loving memory of SARAH ANN CALDER born at Quindrie 3rd Dec 1873 died at Lythes 9th Aug 1942. Also her husband JAMES CHRISTIE ANNAL died 6th July 1953 aged 74 years. 
Annal, James Christie (I1334)
10861 St Peters, S Ronaldsay - North Parish row A5 plot ;
Memento Mori. AC MS. To the memory of MARGERET STEWART, espoused to ALEXANDER CROMARTY, who departed this life March 6th 1822 aged 51 years. 
Stewart, Margaret (I6290)
10862 St Peters, S Ronaldsay - North Parish, B/25/40;
In loving memory of JOHN BROWN who died 15th Feb. 1915 aged 81 years. Also MARGARET STOCKAN his wife died 21st Feb 1919 aged ? Years, JAMES BROWN their son was was drowned 20th Nov 1896 aged 23 years, HELLEN died in infancy. By their affectionate family. 
Stockan, Margaret Graeme Watt (I1754)
10863 St Peters, S Ronaldsay - North Parish, d/1/38;
D. In loving memory of JAMES DEARNESS, Rinibar, Hoxa, died 8th April 1992 aged 83 years, much loved father and grandfather, beloved husband of JOHAN H H CROMARTY. 
Dearness, James (I28763)
10864 St Peters, S Ronaldsay - North Parish; A/2/25;
In memory of BARBARA ROSS wife of JOHN BROWN, Hallbreck, who died 2nd January 1885 aged 79 years. Also their son WILLIAM aged 2 months. The above JOHN BROWN died 23rd September 1899 aged 85 years. [Flat Stone] Memento Mori. J B ? C R. To the memory of JOHN BROWN, who was espoused to CATHRINE ROSIE, who departed this life 14?th Feb 1835 aged 59 years. 
Ross, Barbara (I24388)
10865 St Peters, Stronsay 3/10;
Sacred to the memory of BARBARA MARY DIXON, beloved daughter of CALEB DIXON and JANET COCK, who died 19th Dec 1882 aged 10 years. 
Dickson, Barbara Mary (I27499)
10866 St Peters, Stronsay row 3 plot 33;
Erected to the memory of MARGARET LOGIE who died 22nd Decr 1850 aged 40 years and her husband MAGNUS CROMARTY who died 1st June 1883 aged 90 years and STEWART LOGIE who died 24th Oct 1867 aged 72 years. Also an infant child. This stone erected by their sons. 
Logie, Margaret (I6288)
10867 St Peters, Stronsay, 4/32;
Erected by STEWART LOGIE in memory of his beloved spouse MARGARET MURRAY who departed this life the 4th March 1842 aged 50 years. 
Murray, Margaret (I11314)
10868 Staff Sergeant Major Robert R Rendall died at Dunedin, NZ, aged 27 years.The War Graves website says Robert served in Egypt and Gallipoli and that he is remembered at Anderson's Bay Cemetery.
He came to NZ in 1903 and was working as a Farm Labourer for Duff Brothers at Edievale when he enlisted for service on 25/8/1914. He embarked from NZ with the Main Body on 16/10/1914 attached to the Otago Mounted Rifles and was wounded in action at the Dardanelles on 7/8/1915. His brother John served in WW1 with the Wellington Infantry Regiment.
He received a gunshot wound to the right arm and after initial treatment on the ship Delta he was admitted to hospital at Ghezireh on 12/8/1915, listed as dangerously ill on 18/8/1915 then removed from the dangerously ill list on 2/10/1915. (Right - Ambulances waiting to take ANZAC wounded to hospital)
Robert was then admitted to the NZ General Hospital at Pont-de-Konbbeh on 14/10/1915 and then invalided home to NZ on the HMS Maheno on 29/11/1915.
After his discharge, on 29/8/1916, from the Expeditionary Force he was taken on the strength of the NZ Staff Corps in the capacity of Sergeant-Major attached to the Milton group. He died on 25/11/1918 on Quarantine Island, Port Chalmers from Influenza and Pneumonia and is buried in the Andersons Bay Cemetery, Block 71S, Plot 84.
Rendall, Robert Reid (I33840)
10869 Stamped Quebec JUN 8 1920. 30 May 1920 Jeannie makes a Passenger Declaration aboard the S.S. Victoriana bound for Quebec. It states the following; Age "29", Married, Housewife, Religion; "Protestant (Presbyterian)", Object in comimg to Canada; "To join my husband", Money in possesion; $82. Destination; Husband Alex Reid, 91 Simpson Avenue Toronto, Name of Railway on which passenger has a ticket; C.P.R. Nearest relative from where passenger came; Father, Geo.B. Windwick, Upper Fea Kirkwall.
A further Canadian Goverment Return document from 4th June 1927 states the following; Jeannie C Reid age 36 Arrived 12th Jun 1927 Vessel Megantic Port of Arrival Quebec, Port of Departure Greenock Scotland. Trade; Teacher. Occ to follow; Housewife. Also with her is Harry Reid age 6, George W Reid age 3.5. Nationality Jeannie Kirkwall, Harry & George W Toronto. If in Canada before; Yes 1920/1926, Destination; To husband at 26 Strathmore BLVD Toronto. Passage paid by Husband. Father; G Windwick, Ayre Mills Kirkwall. 
Windwick, Jeannie Chalmers (I16449)
10870 Standard (Port Melbourne, Vic. ) Sat 10th November 1917
Mr. Thomas Rendall. Mr.Thomas Rendall, a resident of Port Melbourne for over half a century, and since he was an infant, died on Wednesday, October 31, after a short illness. He was only two years old, when, 57 years ago, he was brought here by his parents from Adelaide, where he was born. They took up their residence in Albert Street, and there the family lived till two years ago, when Thomas Rendall moved to Richmond. He was a member of the Port Melbourne Royal Charter Lodge of Free Gardeners for 10 years. He belonged to a family noted for musical talents. A graceful dancer, Mr. Rendall taught that art to hundreds, and his service as a master of ceremonies at balls were always in great demand .The brother of the deceased gentleman is Mr. David Rendall, who is a gifted musician, and an artist who never once refused the many calls made upon him because of his gifts to play at benefits organised for worthy objects. Mr. David Rendall is a prominent member of The Order of' Free Gardeners. He now lives at Port Albert. The late Mr. Rendall was married twice. By his first wife, he had two sons - Mr James Rendall, now living in Albert Park and Mr. Thomas Rendall junr., now residing in Port Melbourne -and by his second wife one son, a little boy who lives with his mother in Richmond. A long train of mourners followed the remains to their last resting place in the Kew Cemetery on Friday, November 2. Mr. Rendall was a stevedor's' carpenter, and the pall-bearers were Mr T. Thackrub (_foreman stevedore), and Messrs. G. Fuhrmann, W.Kinniburgh, S. Adair, J. Smith, and J. King. 
Rendall, Thomas Pollock (I31305)
10871 Star Hotel Gunn, David Flett (I14785)
10872 Stella Mary Moore, Birth Date: Abt 1905, Birth Place: Fremantle, Registration Year: 1905, Registration Place: Western Australia, Australia
Father: William Henry Moore, Mother: Elizabeth Horne Garson, Registration Number: 2817.
Stella M Moore, Death Place: Western Australia, Registration Year: 1951, Registration Place: Perth, Western Australia, Registration Number: 2718
Moore, Stella Mary (I42266)
10873 Stenness (New Cemetery) plot 4/6;
F. In loving memory of LILIAN FIDDLER, Fea, Stenness, who died 13th Feb 1987 aged 87 years. Also her sister MARGARET who died 29th Oct 1987 aged 75 years. At rest. 
Fiddler, Lillian (I22282)
10874 Stenness (New Cemetery) plot 4/6;
In loving memory of WILLIAM A FIDDLER who died at Fea, Stenness 1st Dec 1977 aged 80. Also his wife MARY E P KIRKNESS died in Canada 15th July 1929 aged 27. 
Fiddler, William Alexander (I22281)
10875 Stenness (New Cemetery) row 1 plot 3;
In loving memory of JAMES HERDMAN who died 3rd Dec 1969 aged 72 years beloved husband of JAMESINA LINKLATER who died 26th Sept 1982 aged 86 years. 
Herdman, James (I18121)
10876 Stenness (New Cemetery), Stenness, 4/16;
In loving memory JAMES W S TAIT who died at Sunnyside, Orphir 7th October 1969 aged 76 years beloved husband of DOROTHY E JARVIE who died 21st April 1975 aged 81 years. 
Jarvie, Dorothy Elizabeth (I44421)
10877 Stenness Graveyard 1/39;
In loving memory of ANNABELLA CLOUSTON or MOWAT who died 26th March 1963 aged 84 years, daughter of THOMAS CLOUSTON, Netherbigging. 
Clouston, Annabella (I25659)
10878 Stenness Graveyard 1/40;
In loving memory of JOHN HENRY CLOUSTON, Netherbigging who died 28 November 1964 aged 90 years. Also his wife MAGGIE OMAND ROBERTSON who died 18th October 1967 aged 87 years. 
Clouston, John Henry Flett (I25658)
10879 Stenness Graveyard 10/5;
Erected by CALEB DICKSON to the memory of his beloved wife MARGARET ISBISTER who died 19th .....aged 8 .... years (stone fallen face down) 
Isbister, Margaret (I44326)
10880 Stenness Graveyard 3/16;
In memory of MARY CLOUSTON, wife of THOMAS CLOUSTON, Farmer, Netherbigging who died 25th March 1861 aged 53 years. Also JESSIE CLOUSTON daughter of the above who died 25th March 1861 aged 12 years. 
Clouston, Mary (I25642)
10881 Stenness Graveyard 7/8;
To the memory of JAMES CLOUSTON COOPER, spouse to CHRISTIAN ANDERSON, who died 13th May 1828 aged 74 years. Also the above CHRISTIAN ANDERSON who died 13th March 1847 aged 77 years. Also JOHN CLOUSTON, Shipmaster, son of the above, spouse to MARGARET BARCLAY, who died 19th October 1853 aged 50.
The above inscription possibly means that "James Clouston" was a cooper.
Christian Anderson, aged 57, died 17 Jan 1837 in Firth & Stenness 
Anderson, Christian (I19702)
10882 Stenness Graveyard row 13 plot 43;
In loving memory of ALBERT W S LEASK, J P, who died 2nd January 1966 aged 77 years dearly beloved husband of ANNABELLA BANKS who died 18th October 1968 79 years. And their daughter J (MIMIE) FIRTH LEASK 1917-91, much loved mother and grandmother. 
Banks, Annabella (I17340)
10883 Stenness Graveyard row 4 plot 43;
Erected by ROBERT and BETSY CROY in memory of their beloved children WILLIAM CROY died 17th September 1861 aged 8 years and ELIZABETH CROY died 22nd August 1878 aged 21 years. 
Croy, William (I2935)
10884 Stenness Graveyard, Stenness 10/4;
Sacred to the memory of MARGARET DICKSON, beloved wife of JAMES GIBSON, who died 18th April 1895 aged 58 years and of the said JAMES GIBSON who died 11th November 1897 aged 59 years. Also of their son JOHN who died in Sydney, New South Wales 7th January 1896 aged 21 years and their daughters MARY L GIBSON, beloved wife of T L DREVER, who died in Kirkwall 5th April 1910 aged 43 years and MARGARET who died 6th December 1925 aged 64 years. Forget them no we never will, We loved them here, We love them still.
Dickson, Margaret (I23737)
10885 Stenness Graveyard, Stenness 12/34;
Erected in memory of JOHN SHEILDS JARVIE born at Bailleston, Glasgow died at Stromness 4th April 1950 aged 89 years, only brother of ROBERT JARVIE also interred in the Stenness Churchyard. JARVIE. 
Jarvie, John Shields (I44425)
10886 Stenness Graveyard, Stenness 14/38;
In loving memory of LYDIA JARVIE, beloved wife of PETER SEATTER, born at Central Schoolhouse, Sanday 1st August 1888 died at Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh 5th March 1929. Also the above PETER SEATTER died 28th September 1968 aged 83 at Brims, Evie. Psa.37.7. Rest in the Lord. SEATTER. 
Jarvie, Lydia (I44417)
10887 Stenness Graveyard, Stenness 19/42;
In loving memory of ROBERT HOLLAND, beloved husband of MARGARET S JARVIE, who died 26th April 1957 aged 65, the above MARGARET who died 7th June 1973 aged 83. 
Jarvie, Margaret Shields (I44419)
10888 Stenness Graveyard, Stenness 21/30;
In loving memory of JOHN TAIT who died 7th February 1964 aged 67 years beloved husband of JESSIE JARVIE who died 14th November 1976 aged 80 years. 
Jarvie, Jessie Shields (I44422)
10889 Stenness Graveyard, Stenness 3/19;
In memory of THOMAS LOUTTIT who died January 13th 1841 aged 54, CHRISTINA LEASK his wife died October 4th 1867 aged 79, THOMAS LOUTTIT their son died June 23rd 1873 aged 57, MARGARET LOUTTIT their daughter died June 10th 1886 aged 69. With Christ which is far better. 
Louttit, Thomas (I10410)
10890 Stenness Graveyard, Stenness 8/39;
In memory of JAMES CLOUSTON, Whitehall, who died 11th September 1894 aged 50, his wife MARY LYON died 21st March 1935 aged 90, their son JOHN CLOUSTON drowned in New Zealand 15th May 1903 aged 33. Also JESSIE ANN LOUTTIT, wife of JAMES CLOUSTON, died 26th August 1938 aged 69 and JAMES WILLIAM CLOUSTON, Whitehall, Stenness, died 15th December 1942 aged 74. This stone was erected by the firm: J Robertson & Son, Hardgate, Aberdeen. 
Clouston, James William (I22884)
10891 Stenness Graveyard, Stenness, 14/37;
Sacred to the memory of LYDIA ANN OLIVER MILLER, beloved wife of ROBERT JARVIE, born at Kirkwall 24th December 1862 died at Cumminess House, Stenness 24th December 1922. Also the above ROBERT JARVIE, M.A., F.E.I.S. who died at Ellerslie, Cairston Road, Stromness 8th August 1949 aged 90 years. Psa.37. 7. Rest in the Lord. JARVIE. 
Miller, Lydia Ann Oliver (I4510)
10892 Stenness Graveyard, Stenness, 16/19;
In memory of JAMES CLOUSTON died at Whitehall, Stenness 9th July 1914 aged 85, his wife MARGARET BUCHAN died at Midhouse, Ireland, Stenness 13th June 1904 aged 72 and their son JOHN CLOUSTON died at Balfour Hospital, Kirkwall 14th March 1945 aged 83, his wife MARGARET J MUIR died at Sandgill, Orphir 20th October 1932 aged 71 and their son JOHN W CLOUSTON died at Regina Hospital 6th April 1918 aged 25. [Small stone in front] In loving memory of our dear mother MARGARET CLOUSTON died 20th October 1931. 
Clouston, James (I44714)
10893 stepdaughter Turland, Clara Alice (I1807)
10894 stepdaughter Turland, Susanna Catherine (I1808)
10895 Stephen died aboard the "Viking" of Kirkwall in Granston Harbour, Parish of Cramond. Cause of Death was; Severe blows on the head resulting from an accidental falling down a st..... stair at Granston Pier.
St Magnus Cathedral Graveyard, Kirkwall, h/3/20;
Thy will O Lord be done. Erected in memory of STEPHEN MUIR, Shipmaster, the beloved husband of MARY WORK, who died 7th Sept 1869 aged 46 years. Also their beloved son JAMES who died 31st Mar 1876 aged 13 years. Also the above MARY WORK who died Feb 28th 1888 aged 59 years. Also THOMAS W MUIR died in Liverpool 15th Feb 1879 aged 29 years. Also ROBERT W MUIR died in Adelaide 25th Sept 1890 aged 32 years. [Stone at the foot of the plot, facing west] In memory of CATHARINE WISHART, wife of THOMAS WORK, Seaman, who died 25th May 1831 aged 46 years. Also the above THOMAS WORK who died on the Franklin Expedition 1847. 
Muir, Stephen (I39759)
10896 Stephen Geo Mitchell Muir, Birth Date: Abt 1888, Birth Place: Fitzroy, Victoria, Reg Year: 1888, Reg Place: Victoria, Australia
Father: Stephen Muir, Mother: Elizabeth Mary Ann Stone.
Stephen Geo Mitchell Muir, Birth Year: abt 1888, Age: 64, Death Place: Glen Iris, Victoria, Father's name: Stephen, Mother's name: Mary Ann Stone, Registration Year: 1952, Registration Place: Victoria, Registration Number: 2965
Muir, Stephen George Mitchell (I35670)
10897 Stephen Milne, Son of James Milne & Betsey Muir from Kirkwall was baptised on 2/9/1849 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson Milne, Stephen Muir (I45394)
10898 Stephen Muir, Birth Date: Abt 1862, Birth Place: Fitzroy, Victoria, Reg Year: 1862, Reg Place: Victoria, Australia
Father: John Muir, Mother: Jane Inkster, Reg Number: 20162
Muir, Stephen (I35871)
10899 Stephen Muir, Son of Stephen Muir & Janet Drever from Kirkwall was baptised on 1/11/1849 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson.
The Argus Melbourne Sat. 6th Sept. 1879; Muir-Stone.-On the 28th ult., at Richmond, by the Rev. Jas. Ballantyne, Stephen, eldest son of Stephen Muir, Fitzroy, to Elizabeth Mary-Ann, eldest daughter of George Mitchell Stone Esq., Richmond, late of Peel-street, Collingwood, New Zealand papers please copy.
The Argus Melbourne Sat. 29th Nov 1930; MUIR.-On the 28th November, at private hospital, Richmond, Stephen Muir. 6 Kempstreet, Thornbury, husband of the late Elizabeth Muir, and loved father of Ethel (Mrs. E.Sweetland) and Stephen G. Muir, aged 81 years. Peace, perfect peace.
The Argus Melbourne Sat. 29th Nov 1930, MUIR.- To the respected memory of Stephen Muir, who passed away November 28, foundation
member of the Fitzroy Cricket, club. aged 81 years. (Inserted by the general committee on behalf of the Fitzroy Crirket Club.)
Muir, Stephen (I35667)
10900 Stephen Muir, Son of Steven Muir & Mary Work from Kirkwall was baptised on 2/12/1851 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson.
1861 Albert Street Kirkwall age 9. 
Muir, Stephen (I33175)

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