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10901 Possibly this travel record solo to Victoria : FLETT THOMAS 22 AUG 1867 WHITE STAR B 269 008
The South Australian Advertiser Monday 24th May 1869; FLETT-HIGGINS.-On the 20th May, at Trinity Church, by the Ven. Archdeacon
Marryat, Thomas Flett, of Beltana, Far North, only son of the late William Flett, Esq., to Anna, only daughter of Mr. Samuel Higgins, of
North Adelaide.
Flett, Thomas (I33054)
10902 possibly this; Hudson’s Bay Company contract: Reid, John; 1854; age 28; origin Scot OKI Eday; work location HB NT Great Slave Lake Big Island; Interpreter; £32 pa. (2) sig. free passage health not being strong; archives location code A.32/50 fo.118-119
It fits in with the gap between first and second children.
1861 Blackpow age 39 farmer of 24 acres, wife Ann 28, daughters; Ann 7, Jane 2.
1871 Blackpow age 42 farmer of 24 acres, wife Ann 37 (nee Rousay), children; James 9, John 5, Ann 17, Jane 12, Mary 3, Jane Irvine wife's mother 79 widow.
1881 Blackpow age 52 farmer of 24 acres, wife Ann 47, children; James 19, John 15, Mary 10.
1891 Blackpow age 63 farmer, wife Ann 57, children; James 28 Fisherman, John 25 Ploughman, Mary 20 Seamstress.
1901 Blackpow age 73 crofter, wife Ann 67, son John 35, daughter in law Isabella 30.
1911 Blackpow age 83, wife Ann 78, (mar 58y,5,4.), son John 46 widower.
Old Eday Kirkyard Headstone 3. 
Reid, John (I920)
10903 Possibly this; Margaret Odie. Buried in St Andrews 6 Apr 1816. Oddie, Margaret (I45665)
10904 Possibly was born 29th Nov 1851.
It is probably this Magnus ( i.e. Magnus Mungo's father ) who went bankrupt. Both were unlucky in their hard farming lives.
Adelaide Observer Saturday 22 May 1886; INSOLVENCIES; Magnus Irvine, of Pekina, farmer.
Magnus Irvine; Death Date: 15 Jul 1926, Death Place: South Australia, Registration Year: 1926-1930, Registration Place: South Australia
Page Number: 404, Volume Number: 488
Irvine, Magnus (I31019)
10905 possibly was born 8 September 1756 Orphir, to William Norn & Marjory Spence. Norn, Margaret (I11864)
10906 possibly;
Australasian Melbourne Saturday 7th July 1934; Invitations have been issued by Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Westacott, of Benalla (V.), for the wedding of their daughter, Rita Alys, to Mr. A. J. B. Louttit, of Corack East, on Saturday, July 7th, at the Methodist Church, St. Kilda.
Archibald John Barbour Louttit 1907 - 1980. 
Louttit, Archibald John Barbour (I33832)
10907 possibly;
Lady, Sanday 14/1;
In loving memory of GEORGE W ROBERTSON who died at Viggie 3rd July 1945 aged 81 years. Also his wife MARY DEARNESS who died in Edinburgh 31st March 1937 aged 75 years. 
Dearness, Mary (I12295)
10908 Possibly; 1911 Warthill (5 r/w) Holm, age 48 crofter, wife Elizabeth 48,(Mar: 26y, 6, 5), children; William 23, Margaret IM 16, Elizabeth 11, David 7. Tait, David (I789)
10909 Possibly; Birth of Thomas Baikie Morwick (M), 1805-06-30, Kirkwall & St Ola, Son of Robert MORWICK & Margaret LINKLATER
1841 Work St Ola age 35 farmer, wife Margaret 35, children; Robert 5, Mary 3, also Helen Marwick 25, and mother in law Mary Marwick 60.
1851 Work St Ola age 44 Farmer of 50 acres, wife Margaret 47, children; Robert 14, Mary 13, Thomas 9, Margaret 4.
1861 Work St Ola age 55 widower, Farmer of 250 acres employing 5 men & 2 women, children; Mary 23, Margaret 15, Thomas 19 Ploughman, Robert 25 Ploughman, daughter in law Sarah 28 Dressmaker, grand children; Thomas 4, Mary 3, Margaret 9 months.
1871 Work St Ola age 65 widower, Farmer 300 acres. 
Marwick, Thomas (I46678)
10910 Postmaster. Aim, William (I37380)
10911 Premature birth, Stewart only lived for 6.5 hours. Notes courtesy of Catherine Clague (nee Cooper). Cooper, Stewart (I31081)
10912 Prestonkirk Learmonth, John (I41626)
10913 Prestonpans Learmonth, Robert (I25278)
10914 Presumed to be child Roberta, 1, in the 1911 census based on death: Roberta MILLER, age 67, mother’s name MILLER; 1976, 672/ 340, Irvine Ayr
Miller, Roberta (I47304)
10915 previous censuses see sister Margaret
1871 Broombanks Eday age 57 Head, um Wool Spinner.
See RCE for further details. 
Leslie, Elizabeth Mittern (I7861)
10916 prime minister of New Zealand Massey, William Ferguson (I6689)
10917 Private in The Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment). Regimental Number; 30054 Rendall, John Thomas Sinclair (I32816)
Son of Fotheringham Rankin Bruce and Christina Bruce, of Cheshire; husband of Martha Bruce, of 56, Mary St., Hightown, Manchester. SERVICE NO. 41780
Bruce, Thomas Oliphant (I42115)
10919 Private, 1st Bat Seaforth Highlanders, 204227. Dearness, Magnus Baikie Louttit (I27901)
10920 Private, 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles (Quebec Regiment). Died of wounds. Son of William and Mary Littlechild, of Goderick, Ontario. Of England. Age 22. Littlechild, Cecil Charles (I42718)
10921 Probable birth; Birth of William Skethway (M), 1797-01-21, Shapinsay, Son of James SKETHWAY & Jannet HEDDEL
1841 Shoreside Shapinsay age 45 Fisherman, wife Christian 30, children; Margaret 12, Robina 8, William 6, John 5, Jessy 2, George 6 months. Also Janet Skethway 70 (mother?)
Aboard the Harry Lorrequer to Adelaide in 1849, arrived South Australia 26 Dec 1849 with children on the 'Harry Lorrequer';
Skethway William age 42 Labourer, single parent. May have lied about his age.
Margaret 20 with parent, James 18 Shoemaker with parent, Robina 16 Servant with parent, William 14 Labourer with parent, John 13, Jessie 9, George 7, Jean 5.
William Sketheway; Birth Year: abt 1794, Age: 87, Death Date: 02 Jun 1881, Death Place: Adelaide, Residence Place: Adelaide, Registration Place: Adelaide, South Australia, Page Number: 272, Volume Number: 111
The following is an extract courtesy of; Migration to South Australia in 1851 by James M Irvine Member No 96
The immediate reason for this migration from Shapinsay was undoubtably the “removal” of tenants, the “squaring” of the land and other agricultural improvements which the new laird of Shapinsay, David Balfour, and his factor, Marcus Calder, commenced in 1848 (Mary Zawadzki 1986, The Balfours and Balfour Castle p20). “As a result of all these improvements, life in Shapinsay became somewhat easier than it used to be. With the laird’s encouragement and assistance, some of the tenants and evidently some servants, left Shapinsay to try for an even better life in Australia” (Foden op.cit., p61). These migrations contributed to a fall in Shapinsay’s population from 935 in 1841 to 898 in 1851, before rising again to 973 in 1861 (Barclay op.cit., p19). "But why did these migrants choose South Australia? For this we have to go back a few years to a religious dispute on Shapinsay (Paul Sutherland 1985, The Laird, the Factor and the Elders: Change and Stress in Shapinsay 1847) which led the emigration of one of the elders on the island, William Skethaway, to South Australia. He probably chose this colony because it had become a popular destination for religious dissenters (Douglas Pike 1967, Paradise of Dissent South Australia 1829- 1857). He arrived at Port Adelaide in December 1849 as an assisted passenger with eight children, but now a widower, and presumably had then written back to his former neighbours that there were good employment opportunities for non-skilled immigrants - exactly what many Shapinsay folk were soon to be seeking. (I am grateful to Robert Janbmaat for the facts above). But while this exodus from Shapinsay was significant locally, these migrants only accounted for one in four of those who left Orkney for Adelaide in 1851. For these other Orcadians perhaps the Shapinsay folk had “spread the word”; perhaps it was just that this destination had become “the” place to migrate to: certainly at this time books were being published in UK on migrating to Australia (Robert Hughes 1987, The Fatal Shore p557). The passenger lists suggest that many of the Orcadians (and no doubt others) migrated in groups of relatives and neighbours. Many of the single persons bear the same surname as families on the same voyage. Maybe the John Heddles in the two SFN articles were related. And in response to Janet Stevenson’s plea (SFN 22, p18) I can now show the probable relationship of the four Shapinsay families who emigrated on Marion in 1851: (see below) And why did the Orcadian migration to South Australia then slow so suddenly in 1852? No doubt the news of the discovery of gold in NSW and Victoria that reached UK in late 1851 quickly made Adelaide a less popular destination. And some of the new arrivals may have written home of hardships they had encountered: eight years later, William Ward, who had migrated as a 26 year old unmarried agricultural labourer in July 1851, wrote from Adelaide to David Balfour thanking him for the £10 Balfour had sent him and advising he had “this week begun work which will last but a few weeks and then I must look for more it is always the case here everything is so uncertain, .… I may well rue the day I came here for I have never settled or at all comfortable and done no good for myself since the day I left you.” (Orkney Archives D2). But this unfortunate example was not typical, for the majority of Orcadian migrants to South Australia “made good”, and many of their descendants still flourish there 150 years later".
Skethway, William (I35325)
10922 Probable death of daughter Elizabeth; was she born of a previous wife of Robert? or did the neighbour get it wrong?: District of Morningside, Edinburgh; Elizabeth FOTHERINGHAM, Music Teacher (retired), Single; 18 March 1837, 7.25 pm, 10 Gillespie Cres, Edinburgh; F, 83 yrs; father Robert FOTHERINGHAM woodmerchant (dec); mother Euphemia EDWARDS (dec); Informant Christina MORE, Occupier, present; D. Dinnie registrar.
Fotheringham, Elizabeth (I47238)
10923 probable father of the 3 children of Ellen Kent, more research needed and pos RCEs to view. Stout, Thomas (I11566)
10924 probable parents were Peter Croy & Margaret Cooper. Croy, Ann (I10522)
10925 probable parents were Thomas Muir & Margaret Scott.
1851 Little Sower Eday age 85 widow, former miller's wife, daughter Jessie age 40 um, dressmaker. 
Muir, Helen (I3426)
10926 probably born 15th May 1801 Birsay to Magnus Spence & Mary Spence. Spence, Ann (I39411)
10927 Probably Josiah George Littlechild b mar 1890 reg. Romford 4a 362. Littlechild, George (I4322)
10928 Probably Mary Wallace. Robert Hay & Mary Wallace had 3 children listed on the IGI but no Margaret;
Elizabeth b 1st Feb 1800, William b 21st Jan 1804, Andrew b 25th Apr 1813 all on Sanday.
1851 Catherine Place Kirkwall age 77 widow, Formerly Wool Spinner, living with son in law David Peace 47 Day Labourer, daughter Margaret 40 Straw Plaiter and their daughter Mary Peace 18 Straw Plaiter. 
Wallace, Mary (I36238)
10929 probably not married. Cumming, James (I11621)
10930 Probably Rosa Ellen b 1883, birth reg in West Ham Sep 1883 4a 154 Littlechild, Rose (Carrie) (I15611)
10931 Probably the only exciting thing that ever happened on Faray was in December 1908, when the Hope, a fishing vessel from Peterhead, ran aground on the Holm of Faray during a storm leaving its crew stranded on the rocks. The 'Five Men of Faray' as they were known, being William Burgar of Cott, John Hercus of Doggerboat, James Groat of Leaquoy, Robert Reid of Holland and John Drever of Windywall, braved the storm to row across the Lavey Sound and rescue the crew of the stricken Hope. Their reward was a trip to the Scottish mainland to meet Edward VII at Balmoral where they each got a medal each together with "a good pipe and some tobacco". ( Courtesy of Mike Rendall's web site) Harcus, John (I3460)
10932 Probate 1939; Elizabeth Farren of 83 Victoria Park Rd Hackney London, widow. died 30th March 1939. Probate London 3rd May; to Amelia Farren spinster, and Elizabeth May Pryor widow. Brown, Elizabeth Louisa (I7632)
10933 Probate Date: 5 Feb 1973 of 133 Cat Hill East Barnet Herts £15662 Shearer, Robert Gibson (I8060)
10934 Probate effects left to Ethel May. ?, Ethel (I27624)
10935 Probate of Jemima Bews of 2 Spey Street Pibrig Edinburgh spinster died 8 October 1907 at Royal Infirmary Edinburgh, Confirmation of Andrew James Pearson sealed London. Bews, Jemima (I49194)
10936 probate record show estate of £222 2s 10d Rendall, Margaret Balfour (I12959)
10937 Probate record; Joseph Traill Watt Brass of Upper Parliament Street Liverpool MD, died 1st July 1892 Probate Liverpool 19th July to Mary Alice Brass widow, effect £519.
Toxteth Park Cemetery, Toxteth, Metropolitan Borough of Liverpool, Merseyside, England, Marriage was to Mary Alice Caldwell 1878 West Derby. 
Brass, Joseph Traill Watt (I39175)
10938 Probate states effects of £2603 left to son James Edward Kirkness chemists traveller. Ashton, Ethel Violet (I49598)
10939 Probate; left to John George Sinclair.
Formerly a Police Constable. 
Sinclair, Thomas Ross (I23899)
10940 Probate; of 17 Barclay Road Fulham died 13 june 1964 at St Lukes Hospital Chelsea. Administration (with Will) 24th July to Rose Debenham. Banyard, Margaret Victoria (I23897)
10941 Proclamation in St Andrews on Decr 3 1841: John Rendall of Egilshay and Euphemia Baikie of St Andrews
Informant at death was daughter Mary Rendall. 
Rendall, John (I44757)
10942 Proclamation on March 13 1841: William Voy & Margaret Grieve, both of St Andrews.
1851 Milldam St Andrews age 41 Farmer of 29 Acres, wife Margaret 38, sons; William 9, David 8, John 1 month.
1861 Milldam St Andrews age 50 Farmer of 30 acres empl 1 boy, wife Margaret 49, sons; William 19 Cartwright App, David 17, John 10.
1871 Milldam St Andrews age 60 farmer, wife Margaret 59, son David 27.
Hall of Tankerness, St Andrews, a/5;
Erected in memory of WILLIAM VOY who died 23rd Sep 1886 in his 76 year. 
Voy, William (I38419)
10943 Provost and Baillie of Kirkwall. Louttit, Thomas (I26640)
10944 Pte 2819511 John Laughton Louttit 2nd Battallion Seaforth Highlanders. Louttit, John Laughton (I22146)
10945 Puerperal fever (from the Latin puer, male child (boy)), also called childbed fever, can develop into puerperal sepsis, which is a serious form of septicaemia contracted by a woman during or shortly after childbirth, miscarriage or abortion. If untreated, it is life-threatening. Reid, Ann (I2786)
10946 Punch Melbourne Thursday 21 March 1912; MR. O. MILLER TO MISS A. KENNEDY.
The wedding of Mr. Omand Miller, youngest son of the late John Miller, of Richmond, and Miss Annie Kennedy, eldest daughter of Mr. Robert Kennedy, of "Rose Hill," Richmond, was celebrated on 6th March at the residence of the bride's parents by the Rev. Hugh Kelly. The house was picturesquely decorated, and the grounds lit up.
Weekly Times Melbourne Saturday 23rd March 1912; MILLER- KENNEDY. The marriage of Miss Annie Kennedy, eldest daughter of Mr. Robert Kennedy the Scottish vocalist of "Rose Hill," Lennox ' street, Richmond, and Mr Omand Miller son of the late Mr John Miller, of Richmond was
celebrated at "Rose Hill" on March 6 by the Rev. Hugh Kelly.
The Age Friday 29th December 1922; BUNYIP.- Mr. Omand Miller has been appointed head teacher of the Bunyip State School.
(Gippsland in Eastern Victoria ) (Omand only lived for one more year, with his youngest son ,also Omand, presumably being born after his death.)
Omand Miller; Birthdate: 1884 Birthplace: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Death: Died 1923 in Bunyip, Victoria, Australia
Miller, Omand (I6522)
10947 Punch Melbourne, Vic. Thursday 27th June 1907; MR. W. F. LOUTIT TO MISS W. G. WATERHOUSE
A very pretty wedding was celebrated at Wesley Church, Perth, on Wednesday, 5th June, between Mr. W. Flett Loutit, of Fremantle, second son of Mr. Loutit, of Mt. Gambier, South Australia, and Miss Winnie Graham Waterhouse, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Waterhouse. of "Lansdowne," Ventnor-avenue,West Perth. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. J. G. Jenkin. Mr. Reginald D'Arcy Irvine presided at the organ, and played the"Bridal March" as the bride entered the church on the arm of her father..........At the conclusion of the ceremony the newly wedded pair and friends adjourned to "Lansdowne"(the parents' residence, where a reception was held in the drawing-room. Dainty refreshments were served in a large marquee erected on the lawn for the purpose.
Sunday Times Perth 13th October 1918
A worthy citizen and generous hearted man was the late Mr. William Flett Loutit, of Leake-street. Cottesloe, whose death was announced recently. For years prominent in the service of Hy. Wills and Co., he was attacked by a painful malady, and death ended his sufferings after a long illness. His worth was attested by the large number of friends who attended the funeral at Karrakatta Cemetery. Telegrams and messages of condolence were received from all parts of the Commonwealth.
Cottesloe is a beach in Perth W.A., though the obituary is in an Adelaide paper )
Chronicle Adelaide Saturday 5th October 1918; LOUTIT.- On the 30th September at Cottesloe, Western Australia, William Flett Loutit, second son of the late Andrew Loutit.
Louttit, William Flett (I27589)
10948 Queen Street Inkster, Hugh (I41026)
10949 Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser, Q’ld Sat 15th May 1886
MARRIAGE.On the 13th May, at St. Paul's Church, Ipswich, by the Rev. H. Heath, David Petrie Sinclair, of Kirkwall, Scotland, to Esther Faulkner, of Midhurst,England.
David P Sinclair, Death Date: 1935, Death Place: New South Wales, Father's name: John, Mother's name: Sarah A
Registration Year: 1935, Registration Place: Petersham, New South Wales, Registration Number: 14344
The Sydney Morning Herald Monday 2nd Sept. 1935; SINCLAIR.-The Relatives and Friends of Mrs.ETTIE SINCLAIR, of Dulwich Hill, Mr. and
Mrs. H. G. CROPPER, of Darling Point, Mr. FRED SINCLAIR and RUSSELL, of Lindfield, are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of her late
beloved HUSBAND and their FATHER and GRANDFATHER, David Petrie Sinclair; to leave Holy Trinity Church, Dulwich Hill, THIS MONDAY
after Service commencing at 2 p.m., for Crematorium Chapel, Northern Suburbs. Motor funeral. (Floral tributes direct to Church.)
Sinclair, David Petrie (I30969)
10950 Quinten W J Peace Birth Date: 1904 Birth Place: New South Wales Registration Year: 1904 Registration Place: Tocumwal, New South Wales, Australia Father: Peter Peace Mother: Mary L Registration Number: 7644
Name: Quinten W J Peace Death Date: 1906 Death Place: New South Wales Father's name: Peter Mother's name: Mary L
Registration Year: 1906 Registration Place: Tocumwal, New South Wales Registration Number: 14501
Peace, Quinton W J (I47005)

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