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Matches 10,901 to 10,950 of 12,046

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10901 St Nicholas, Holm, H/5;
In loving memory of SAMUEL AIM who died at Cleat 12th Dec 1955 aged 55 years beloved husband of WINIFRED DONALDSON who died 15th Sept 1999 aged 94 years. Asleep in Jesus. 
Aim, Samuel (I38482)
10902 St Nicholas, Orphir 1/2/11;
In loving memory of ELSIE, beloved child of PETER & MARY FARQUHAR, died 10th Nov 1895 aged 8 months. Also in loving memory of MARY GROUNDWATER, beloved wife and mother of the above, died 18th Aug 1897 aged 40 years, TOMIMA died 12th March 1899 aged 9 years, JAMES died in France 11th Apr 1917 aged 32 years. The above PETER LOUTTIT FARQUHAR died 12th Nov 1930 aged 78 years. Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord. 
Farquhar, Peter Louttit (I33150)
10903 St Nicholas, Orphir, 1/17/6;
Erected in memory of JESSIE BRASS who died 7th April 1840 aged 4 years. Also MARGARET BRASS who died 18th March 1848 aged 5 years and their mother JANET INKSTER who died 17th Augt 1861 aged 62 years and also JOHN BRASS who was 33 years Parochial Teacher who died .. Nov 187x aged 75 years. 
Inkster, Janet (I33858)
10904 St Nicholas, Orphir, 1/17/7;
Erected in memory of THOMAS BRASS who died 19th Feby 1834 aged 8 days. Also JOHN BRASS who died 11th April 1840 aged 17 years and PETER BRASS who died 18th July 1855 aged 25 years. Also their sister SUSAN A BRASS who died 21st May 1897 aged 68 years. 
Brass, Susan Anderson (I33859)
10905 St Nicholas, Orphir, 1/3/34;
Erected by JOSHUA HAY in memory of his beloved wife HELLEN CORNER who died 4th Jany 1875 aged 60 years. Also the above JOSHUA HAY who died 16th Feb 1906 aged 87 years. 
Corner, Hellen (Nelly) (I29419)
10906 St Nicholas, Orphir, 1/6/20;
Sacred to the memory of ISABELLA OMOND, wife of JOHN BROUGH, who died 2nd April 1881 aged 82 years, JOHN BROUGH her husband who died 2nd Dec 1894 aged 85 years, JOHN O BROUGH their son who died 7th Feb 1919 aged 78 years, MARY S GROUNDWATER his wife who died 4th Feb 1922 aged 77 years, ANN STILL BROUGH, second daughter of the above, who died in the Gilbert Bain Hospital, Lerwick 8th Aug 1929 aged 44 years. 
Omand, Isabella (I30727)
10907 St Nicholas, Orphir, 2/b/1;
Erected by JOHN ROBSON in loving memory of his wife ANDRINA W FLETT who died 23rd Nov 1904 aged 27 years. The above JOHN ROBSON who died 20th Nov 1949 aged 73 years. 
Robson, John (I39607)
10908 St Nicholas, Orphir, 2/G/10;
In loving memory of THOMAS LENNIE who died 22nd March 1915 aged 73 years beloved husband of JESSIE A B BAILLIE who died at North Mains of Barra, Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire 28th Jan 1928 aged 82 year,s interred in Bourtie Churchyard. 
Baillie, Jessie Alexina Balfour (I32553)
10909 St Nicholas, Orphir, 2/g/15;
In loving memory of ISABELLA MARGARET HAY, only daughter of ROBERT and ISABELLA HAY, who died 13th July 1913 aged 28 years. Also the above ROBERT HAY who died 15th March 1928 aged 78 years and his wife ISABELLA CLOUSTON who died 30th Jan 1925 aged 77 years. At Rest. 
Hay, Robert (I21263)
10910 St Nicholas, Orphir,1/8/11;
In memory of WILLIAM GARRIOCH died 1st October 1899 aged 62 years. Also his daughter MARGARET died 26th July 1868 aged 2 years. Also his wife MARGARET SINCLAIR died 6th April 1919 aged 83 years and his son PETER SPENCE died 30th April 1958 aged 82 years. 
Garrioch, William (I22367)
10911 St Nicholas, Orphir. 1/13/6;
In memory of ARCHER WALLS who died Apr 1848 aged 15 months. Also WILLIAM WALLS who died March 1855 aged 5 years. Also STEWART TAYLOR, wife of ANDREW WALLS, who died June 1862 aged 55 years. Also near this place HUGHIANA WALLS who died 19th Feb 1887 aged 10 years and CHARLOTT WALLS who died 1st Oct 1887 aged 47 years and HEBE MARY MUIR, 2nd wife of ANDREW WALLS, who died 27th Dec 1889 aged 72 years. Also said ANDREW WALLS 27th June 1891 aged 84 years. 
Walls, Andrew (I40339)
10912 St Nicholas, Orphir; 1/9/10;
In memory of ISABELLA BALLANTINE, beloved wife of GEORGE SHORT, who died Sept 1886 aged 76 years. [Flat stone in front] GEORGE SHORT died 24th Feb 1876 aged 87 years. 
Ballantyne, Isabella (I32380)
10913 St Nicholas, Orphir; 2/d/6;
In loving memory of ROBERT HARVEY who died 28th June 1910 aged 64 years and his wife HELEN SMITH BAILLIE who died 19th Feb 1943 aged 94 years. Also their daughter MARY FRANCES MARIA HARVEY who died 11th Sept 1962 aged 79 years. 
Baillie, Ellen Smith (I32555)
10914 St Nicholas, Stronsay plot 53;
Erected by James Chalmers in memory of his beloved wife Agnes Fotheringhame died 9-8-1912 aged 63 yrs 
Fotheringham, Agnes or Ann Paterson (I12917)
10915 St Nicholas, Stronsay plot 14;
Erected by Robert Caithness in memory of his wife Janet Chalmers died 15-8-1917 aged 69 yrs 
Chalmers, Janet (I11501)
10916 St Nicholas, Stronsay plot 36;
Erected by David Chalmers in memory of his beloved wife Ann Brock died 23-9-1877 aged 47 yrs also a child in infancy and the above David Chalmers died 10-3-1912 aged 87 yrs 
Brock, Ann Slater (I49025)
10917 St Nicholas, Stronsay plot 41;
In affectionate remembrance of Richard Maxwell died 15-7-1870 aged 55 yrs also affectionately remembered his wife Eliza Brock died 21-6-1885 aged 68 yrs erected by loving brother Peter Brock 
Maxwell, Richard (I10182)
10918 St Nicholas, Stronsay plot 63;
Erected by JOHN PEACE in memory of his father JOHN PEACE died Apr 1866. Also his mother BETSY SINCLAIR died Aug 1836, his stepmother SIBELLA COUPER died July 1856, two brothers CHARLES PEACE and PETER PEACE drowned at sea June 1846. 
Peace, John (I32328)
10919 St Ninians Kirkyard, Deerness row D plot 10;
ANNIE MATCHES born 11th Dec 1876 died 17th April 1901 beloved daughter of ROBT & ELIZA MATCHES also ISABELLA MATCHES who died 21st September 1931 aged 57. Asleep in Jesus. (small stone in front of above with the inscription:- Until we meet) 
Matches, Annie (I18987)
10920 St Ninians Kirkyard, Deerness row D plot 11;
In loving memory of WILLIAM MATCHES of Papdale Farm who died 15th June 1934 aged 69 years. Asleep in Jesus. 
Matches, William (I18985)
10921 St Ninians Kirkyard, Deerness row D plot 12;
In loving memory of ELIZA MATCHES who died at Dunerne, Kirkwall 26th March 1932 aged 73 years. 
Matches, Eliza (I18984)
10922 St Ninians Kirkyard, Deerness row D plot 35;
In loving memory of our dear sister MARY K FOUBISTER who died at New Grindigar 1st Sept 1956 aged 56 years. At rest. 
Foubister, Mary Kirkness (I19803)
10923 St Ninians Kirkyard, Deerness row D plot 5;
Sacred to the memory of ANN EUNSON who died at Halley, Deerness 6th March 1880 aged 51 years. This stone is erected in affectionate remembrance by her friend WILLIAM CRAIGIE of United States America. (the verse which follows is unreadable) 
Eunson, Ann (I18933)
10924 St Ninians Kirkyard, Deerness row D plot 9;
Erected to the memory of EUPHEMIA MATCHES who died at Papdale Farm 17th January 1950 aged 78 years. Abide with me. (numbers 1 - 5 are concreted over) 
Matches, Euphemia (I18988)
10925 St Ninians Kirkyard, Deerness row F plot 10;
In loving memory of JOHN FOUBISTER Mussaquoy died 7th Dec 1962 aged 64 years and his wife BARBARA RENDALL died 28th June 1988 aged 83 years. He that believeth on the son hath everlasting life. John 3. 36. 
Foubister, John (I19802)
10926 St Ninians Kirkyard, Deerness row H plot 9;
In loving memory of ALFRED FOUBISTER who died at Thorden, Deerness 14th April 1981 aged 77 years also his wife KATHLEEN JANE GARSON who died 20th Sept 1994 aged 86 years. 
Foubister, Alfred (I45361)
10927 St Ninians Kirkyard, Deerness row O plot 3;
Died in the Balfour Hospital Kirkwall.
In loving memory of ANDREW EUNSON son of ROBERT EUNSON, Quoys who died 11th May 1908 aged 1 year 8 months and JOHN who died 7th Aug 1924 aged 15 also MARGARET SOMMERVILLE beloved wife of the above ROBERT EUNSON who died 12th May 1932 aged 61 the above ROBERT EUNSON who died 19th Oct 1956 aged 88. Lost awhile our treasured love gained forever, safe above. 
Eunson, Robert (I18964)
10928 St Ninians Kirkyard, Deerness row W plot 15;
In loving memory of WILLIAM CROMARTY who died 14th Jany 1921 aged 93 years also his wife JANE EUNSON who died 9th May 1919 aged 86 years. Reunited in glory. 
Eunson, Jean (I18951)
10929 St Ninians, Deerness 1/f/4;
Erected by HELEN FEA DEARNESS in loving memory of her dear husband JAMES SCOTT who died at Mirkady 7th March 1937 aged 82 years. Sacred also to the memory of the above HELEN FEA DEARNESS who died at Halley 7th July 1951 aged 79 years. Until the day dawn. 
Dearness, Helen Fea (I44881)
10930 St Ninians, Deerness 1j/11;
To the memory of MARGARET RITCH wife of ROBERT STOVE died at Little Halley 12th Sept 1912 aged 77 years. (the face is broken off and is only partly readable) 
Ritch, Margaret (I46037)
10931 St Ninians, Deerness 1N/1;
In loving memory of JAMES HOURIE PETRIE who died at Eastersands 11th Oct 1927 aged 35 years beloved husband of MARGARET CALDER who died 14th March 1986 aged 92 years. Gone but not forgotten. 
Petrie, James Hourie (I31089)
10932 St Ninians, Deerness 1s/5;
In memory of ROBERT S FOUBISTER who died 5th Nov 1900 aged 25 years THOMAS FOUBISTER died 14th July 1902 aged 19 years MARY KIRKNESS died 27th Jany 1903 aged 82 years JAMES S FOUBISTER died 26th May 1927 aged 83 also his wife ISABELLA CROMARTY died 25th Nov 1935 aged 89. (the base of this stone carries the initials- TF,RSF,MK, while two small stones, one either side of the above have no inscription) 
Cromarty, Isabella (I4420)
10933 St Ninians, Deerness 1T/5;
In loving memory of ISABELLA KIRKNESS wife of GEORGE FOUBISTER who died 24th Jan 1896 aged 75 years, the above GEORGE FOUBISTER died 24th Jan 1902 aged 81 years. Gone but not forgotten. 
Kirkness, Isabella (I37654)
10934 St Ninians, Deerness 1U/11;
Sacred to the memory of JOHN SINCLAIR who died at Stonehall 21st July 1899 aged 68 years also his wife SARAH STOVE PETRIE died 4th June 1913 aged 79 years. Until the day break. (this area is concreted over) 
Sinclair, John (I31113)
10935 St Ninians, Deerness 2b/1;
Sacred to the memory of DAVID CRAIGIE who departed this life 13th Oct 1891 aged 76 years also his wife ANN STOVE who died at Breck 16th Aug 1896 aged 71 years also grandson of the above DAVID CRAIGIE who died at Mossquoy 8th October 1909 aged 20 years. Peace peace a calm repose no shadows hovering still around of coming woes peace shall each bosom fill oh saviour dear how sweet it will be to be at peace because with thee. This stone was erected by his sorrowing wife and family. 
Stove, Ann (I31628)
10936 St Ninians, Deerness 2B/6;
old flagstone) F 1819. In memory of MARGARET FOUBISTER beloved wife of ROBERT STOVE who died 26th Aug 1872 aged 37 years. Weep not for me. 
Foubister, Margaret (I32431)
10937 St Ninians, Deerness 2S/4;
In affectionate remembrance of AGNES S PETRIE daughter of EDWARD S PETRIE of Stonehall who died 23rd March 1907 aged 23 years also SARAH JANE PETRIE died 25th Jan 1930 aged 47 years. 
Petrie, Agnes S (I31086)
10938 St Ninians, Deerness D/32;
In loving memory of my dear husband JOHN G PETRIE who died 21st Jan 1956 aged 61 years also his wife AGNES J PETRIE who died 10th Sept 1993 aged 92 years. Stonehall. 
Petrie, John George Corbett (I31090)
10939 St Ninians, Deerness F/34;
In loving memory of JAMES BICHAN, Pool who died 1st March 1967 aged 86 years also his beloved wife EDWINA STOVE PETRIE who died 15th July 1969 aged 82 years. 
Petrie, Edwina Stove (I31088)
10940 St Ninians, Deerness, 1c/7;
In loving memory of THOMAS AITKEN who died at Tiffyhall 17th Sept 1891 aged 51 years also his wife SARAH M SMITH who died at Rosecraig 6th Nov 1939 aged 81 years. Peace perfect peace. 
Smith, Sarah Matches (I45781)
10941 St Ninians, Deerness, 1e/3;
In loving memory of THOMAS CLOUSTON who died 22nd Feb 1905 aged 23 years also his brother BENJAMIN CLOUSTON who died 20th March 1907 aged 30 years and their sister ISABELLA CLOUSTON who died 30th April 1907 aged 40 years. 
Clouston, Thomas (I48547)
10942 St Ninians, Deerness, 1e/8;
Sacred to the memory of GEORGE BICHAN beloved husband of MARGARET SKEA who died at Oback 28th Nov 1918 aged 74 the above MARGARET SKEA BICHAN who died at 26 Clay Loan, Kirkwall 18th April 1931 aged 84. He giveth his beloved sleep. 
Bichan, George (I37659)
10943 St Ninians, Deerness, 1g/2;
In memory of my beloved wife ELIZABETH G RITCH who died at Kirkwall 8th Jan 1923 aged 48 years. At rest. 
Ritch, Elizabeth Garrioch (I39951)
10944 St Ninians, Deerness, 1g/6;
Erected by MAY TULLOCH in memory of her beloved husband ROBERT BICHAN who died 10th April 1887 aged 60 years, the above MAY TULLOCH died 30th Aug 1908 aged 83 years. Safe in the arms of Jesus. Their daughter ISABELLA RUSSELL who died 13th April 1941 aged 75 years. (the face is breaking off this stone) 
Bichan, Robert (I42711)
10945 St Ninians, Deerness, 1s/10;
In loving memory of THOMAS GIBSON of Malesburgh 1803 - 1869 and his wife MARGARET OMAND 1804 - 1882 also their family two children who died in infancy and ISABELLA GIBSON widow of DAVID FOUBISTER 1842 - 1918 and ELIZABETH GIBSON wife of WILLIAM STEVENSON 1840 - 1927. 
Gibson, Thomas (I41405)
10946 St Ninians, Deerness, 1t/15;
In loving memory of MARGARET RITCH who died 22nd Jan 1911 aged 68 year, (the rest of the stone face broken off) 
Ritch, Margaret (I41552)
10947 St Ninians, Deerness, 1t/2;
Sacred to the memory of MARGARET ODDIE beloved wife of JOHN ESSON who died 8th April 1882 aged 66 years. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. The above JOHN ESSON died 9 July 1893 aged 78 years his sister JANET ESSON or SINCLAIR died 28 July 1893 aged 87 years. 
Oddie, Margaret (I47902)
10948 St Ninians, Deerness, 1w/8;
In loving memory of ROBERT EUNSON joiner who died at The Storehouse, Deerness 22nd Oct 1947 aged 88 also his wife AGNES STOVE who died at The Storehouse, Deerness 23rd June 1949 aged 89. We will rejoice in thy salvation. Ps.20.5. 
Eunson, Robert (I41516)
10949 St Ninians, Deerness, 20/5;
In loving memory of DAVID STOVE FOUBISTER, Skaill who died 6th Nov 1937 aged 49 years also his wife ELIZABETH BICHAN who died 6th July 1970 aged 80 years. Resting in the saviours love. 
Foubister, David Stove (I13751)
10950 St Ninians, Deerness, 2a/6;
In loving memory of JOHN BICHAN who died at Newhall 27th Feb 1911 aged 71 years. GEORGE BICHAN his father who died 16th Nov 1882 aged 81 years JANE OMAND BICHAN his mother who died 22nd Nov 1881 aged 79 years MARY SKEA his wife who died 17th Nov 1933 aged 91 years. Until the day break, and the shadows flee away. 
Bichan, George (I5071)

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