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11001 Robert and Margaret emigrated to Adelaide Australia aboard the Charlotte Jane. The barque Charlotte Jane arrived in Port Adelaide in February 1852.
Adelaide Observer Saturday 18th August 1866; MILLER.-On the 11th August, at Hindmarsh-square, Mr. Robert Miller, grocer, late of Rundle-
street, aged 36.
Miller, Robert (I19569)
11002 Robert and Thomas farmed tirelessly together in the Kangaroo Valley (near Cambewarra Mountain & Browns Mountain, with all three places being not far N.E. of Nowra in coastal NSW ) for years and years and years.
Robert had a large family ( nearly all girls I think it was )including seven ch'n still alive as adults , when Robert died as a very old man. One daughter was called Radium. Cool name,isn't it .
Here below is the Uncle Thomas Rendall's, obituary. Courtesy of Meg McPherson;
Syd Morn Herald Fri 29th April 1932
The death occurred this afternoon of Thomas Rendall, at Bendeela, Kangaroo Val ley. He was 98, and was the oldest resident of Kangaroo Valley, and probably of the Shoalhaven district. Born in Orkney, he arrived in New South Wales at the age of 19. He had been in the Kangaroo Valley district for more than 60 years. He engaged in grazing operations for more than 40 years, but 20 years ago, retired in favour of his ? He was one of the founders of the Kangaroo Valley A. and H. Society, and a leading member of the Methodist Church. His wife died many years ago. Two daughters, Mrs. Bryen of Bendeela, and Mrs. Timbs, of Dapto, survive him. 
Rendall, Thomas (I12971)
11003 Robert Angus, Son of Robert Angus & Elizabeth Millar from Kirkwall was baptised on 5/10/1825 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson Angus, Robert (I49165)
11004 Robert Balfour Marwick, Death Place: Victoria, Father's name: Hugh, Mother's name: Margaret Sinclair
Registration Year: 1858, Registration Place: Victoria, Registration Number: 5338
Marwick, Robert Balfour (I34528)
11005 Robert Bayles Littlechild Spouse Name: Ada Jessie Towns Marriage Place: Tasmania Reg Place: Tasmania Reg Year: 1907 Page Number: 0759
Name: Ada Jessie Towns Birth Date: 17 Sep 1882 Birth Place: Tasmania Registration Year: 1882 Registration Place: Oatlands, Tasmania, Australia Father: Henry Towns Mother: Annie Jane Tait Registration Number: 2195
Still alive in Tassie to vote in 1954 : Name: Ada Jessie Littlechild Gender: Female Electoral Year: 1954 Subdistrict: Campbell Town
State: Tasmania District: Wilmot Country: Australia
Towns, Ada Jessie (I46694)
11006 Robert Burgar of Shoehall, Eday was a neighbour and registered the death.
William John was buried Plot F/10 Cross, Sanday. To the dear memory of my beloved husband WILLIAM JOHN PEACE, Journalist, who died in Eday 20th July 1964 aged 58 years. The winds embrace you and the quiet stars bless.
I presume wife Mary who was alive and may or maynot have been with William John at Eday paid for the gravestone at Cross, Sanday. On the death cert. his usual residence was (The White House, Dane End, near Ware Herefordshire) 
Peace, William John (I35670)
11007 Robert Cromarty Brown, Spouse Name: Mary Ann Blackford, Marriage Date: 21 May 1898, Marriage Place: Queensland
Registration Place: Queensland, Registration Year: 1898, Registration Number: 001392, Page Number: 3061.
Daily Mercury Mackay Queensland Thursd. 17th May 1945
OBITUARY, MRS. MARY A. BROWN. There passed away on May 2 at the age of 73, Mrs. Mary Ann Brown, of Hayes Lane, Mackay and formerly of Sunnyside. She arrived in Mackay from Devonshire when 10 years old with her elder sisters, Mrs. W. Westcott and Mrs. W. German, and their
families. They settled first at Oakenden and later at Sunnyside. On May 21, 1898, she was married to Mr. Robert Brown who had come out from the Orkney Isles some eight years previously. They settled on a farm at Sunnyside and made their home In that area until 1936 when they went to
Sarina to live. After the death of her husband, over two years ago, Mrs. Brown came to Mackay and made her home with her
daughter, Mrs. C. Hemmings, of Hayes Lane. The late. Mrs. Brown was an ardent worker for the Red Cross In the last Great War in which her eldest son, Hugh, took part as a member of the 2nd Light Horse Brigade. Even in the present war she was knitting comforts for soldiers until the day before she entered hospital. She had been in indifferent health for some years and took a turn which resulted in her death within a week.
As one of the "old-timers" and a staunch supporter of the Methodist Church, she had a host of friends and was well liked and respected wherever she lived. She leaves a family of five sons, Hugh (Sarina), William (Alexandra), Henry (Racecourse), Fred (Homebush), and Sam (Simla), and two daughters, Mrs. C. Hemmings, Hayes Lane, and Mrs. S. Kennett, Taylor-street, Mackay ; also 26 grandchfidren. The last rites were conducted at the church and cemetery by Rev.E. Potter, the pallbearers being the five sons and one son-ln-law.
Blackford, Mary Ann (I34937)
11008 Robert Cumming, Son of John Cumming & Margaret Mowat from Kirkwall was baptised on 2/6/1830 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson
1851 Victoria St Kirkwall age 20 tailor, living with parents and siblings.
1861 18 Catherine Place Kirkwall age 29 stone mason, wife Ann 28, children; Mary Ann 4, Robert 2, Margaret 5 months.
1871 Victoria St Kirkwall age 40 mason, wife Ann 38, children; Mary A 14, Robert 12, Margaret 10, Barbara 8, Isabella 6, Letitia 3, William 1.
1881 40 Victoria St Kirkwall age 50 Master Mason empl 7 men, wife Annie 48, children; Mary A 24 Formerly Nursery Governess, Robert 22 mason Barbara 18 Dressmaker, Isabella 15, Letitia 13, William 11, Tommina 8.
1891 51 Victoria St Kirkwall age 60 widower, mason, daughter Barbara 27 widow, Housekeeper, granddaughter Maggie H Wilson 3. 
Cumming, Robert (I32196)
11009 Robert died single, pauper. Seater, Robert (I7570)
11010 Robert Dowling Spouse Name: Susanna Ann Neville Marriage Place: Victoria Reg Place: Victoria Reg Year: 1868 Registration Number: 1809
Name: Susana Ann Dowling Birth Year: abt 1848 Age: 65 Death Place: Hawthorn, Victoria Father's name: Dowling Neville Patk Mother's name: Margt Powell Registration Year: 1913 Registration Place: Victoria Registration Number: 1983
Neville, Susannah Ann (I45523)
11011 Robert drowned. Reid, Robert (I1695)
11012 Robert Fea, Son of John Fea & Barbara Hepburn from Kirkwall was baptised on 1/5/1839 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson. Fea, Robert (I30605)
11013 Robert Flett, Son of Peter Flett & Jean Wilson from Orphir was baptised on 1/3/1833 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson Flett, Robert (I21119)
11014 Robert Foubister, Son of Samuel Foubister & Elizabeth Smith from St Andrews was baptised on 04/06/1833 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson Foubister, Robert (I32940)
11015 Robert George Shearer, Birth Date: 15 Jan 1884, Birth Place: Adelaide, Registration Place: Adelaide, South Australia,Australia
Father: John Shearer, Mother: Joanna Calder, Page Number: 312, Volume Number: 319
Sydney Morn Herald Sat. 14th May 1949; SHEARER Donald Jock -May 12, 1949 beloved only son of D A and M Shearer of 11 Dutrue Street Randwick aged 21 years SHEARER Robert George - May 11 1949 at Wollongong beloved husband of Estelle Lillian Shearer of 211 Pacific
Highway Lindfield late of Adelaide and dear father of Joan (Mrs J Starling) and Helen aged 65 years Privately cremated 13th at Northern Suburbs.
Shearer, Robert George (I29505)
11016 Robert Gorie, Son of Patrick Gorie from Kirkwall was baptised on 20/1/1822 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson Gorrie, Robert (I42991)
11017 Robert Grant Louttit, Birth Date: Abt 1877, Birth Place: Victoria, Victoria, Registration Year: 1877, Registration Place: Victoria, Australia
Father: William Louttit, Registration Number: 4090.
Louttit, Robert Grant (I33641)
11018 Robert Groundwater Smith, Son of James Smith & Ann Copland from St Andrews was baptised on 1/03/1835 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson Smith, Robert Groundwater (I46025)
11019 Robert Hawker Dowling artist, was born in England, the youngest son of Rev. Henry Dowling and his wife Elizabeth, née Darke. At 7 he went to Van Diemen's Land with his parents in the Janet. As a youth he was deeply impressed by the tragedy of the Tasmanian Aboriginals. He was educated at Launceston and became a saddler. He showed an early ability for drawing and took lessons from Thomas Bock and Frederick Strange. In August 1850, encouraged by his father, he changed his trade sign 'saddler' to 'portrait painter'. In 1851 he advertised in Wood's Almanack as a 'portrait and miniature painter, Charles Street, Launceston.
In 1857 he sailed in the Pharamond for England and entered Leigh's Academy, London.
In 1885 Dowling returned to Australia. In Launceston he painted a portrait of the late Sir Richard Dry and in Melbourne a portrait of Governor Sir Henry Loch. He returned to England in the Tigrisia in April 1886 and died in London on 8 July. On 14 August 1849 he had married Arabella Dean; they had one daughter, Marion Beckford.
Painter; born Colchester, Essex 4 July 1827. Migrated with his family to Australia in 1834 where his father the Rev. Henry Dowling established the first Baptist Chapel in Launceston in 1840. Trained as a saddler but took up portrait painting in 1850. Worked in Tasmania 1850-1854; then Melbourne and Geelong, Victoria 1854-1856. Briefly returned to Launceston 1856 and then went to London 1857. Exhibited 16 works at Royal Academy between 1859 and 1882. Returned to Australia in 1885 and established studio in Melbourne. In April 1886 returned to live in London.
1871 Birkenhead Oxton Cheshire age 41 visitor, portrait painter, visiting a James Bevis merchant from Cowes on the Isle of Wight. Wife Arabella artists wife age 42 and daughter Marion age 20 are at Horburg Crescent Chelsea and Kensington.
1881 27 Coleherne Rd Brompton Kensington London age 50 Artist Painter In Oil Etc, wife Arabella 48, visitor Henry Dowling 71.
Died at his Coleherne Road studio on 8 July 1886; buried at the Brompton cemetery. 
Dowling, Robert Hawker (I45416)
11020 Robert Hay, Son of Charles Hay & Margaret Isbister from Orphir was baptised on 02/12/1834 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson Hay, Robert (I35752)
11021 Robert Heddle, Son of Malcolm Heddle from Kirkwall was baptised on 1/2/1822 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson Heddle, Robert Copland (I41751)
11022 Robert Hill, Spouse Name: Jane M Tait, Marriage Date: 1872, Marriage Place: New South Wales
Registration Place: Sydney, New South Wales, Registration Year: 1872, Registration Number: 559
Hill, Robert (I35938)
11023 Robert is shown as a stone quarrier in 1859.
1841 Brimbanks Eday age 15.
1861 6 Darlings Brae Leith South, age 34 Merchant Porter, wife Margaret 24, children; Robert 5 months, Ann G 3, Margaret 2, Elizabeth 10, mother in law Ann Sutherland 70. 
Reid, Robert (I5397)
11024 Robert is shown as a Widower, Baptist Minister, when he married Catherine in 1866.
Arrived Quebec Canada 1871.
This entry relates to a different person; ie a Rebecca Linay born the same day to John Linay & Jean Smith.
Robert Linay, Son of John Linay & Jean Smith from St Andrews was baptised on 03/11/1834 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson.
Lennie, Robert (I37710)
11025 Robert James Angus died on 18th Mar 1942 aged 86 in Stromness - Married to 1st Margaret Brown Beatton, 2nd Mary Linklater Moar.
Father: Joseph Angus. Mother: Helen Towers.
Informant: R Angus, son. 
Angus, Robert James (I2503)
11026 Robert Langskail Smith, Son of James Smith & Ann Copland from St Andrews was baptised on 3/7/1840 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson. Smith, Robert Langskail (I46026)
11027 Robert lawful Son to Robert Miller and Eliza Skethway was born on the twenty ninth of May Eighteen hundred and thirty two and baptised on the twenty fourth of June following by the Reverend Mr Mudie Secession Minister in Prescence of the Congregation.
1871 Leith North, Midlothian age 38 grocer, wife Mary 28, children; Jessie 3, Robert 1.
1901 possibly in Marlborough Street North Dock Dublin Ireland age 68 living with son Robert age 33, his wife Christina and their 5 children. In 1911 son Robert 43 his wife Christina and their 7 children again at Foley St. North Dock, Dublin Ireland.
( COPIED from the INTERNET ) BIRTH 1832 • Stronsay, Orkney, Scotland DEATH 16 OCT 1884 • Tasmania, Australia
Name: Robert Miller Birth Year: abt 1833 Age: 51 Death Date: 16 Oct 1884 Death Place: Tasmania Registration Year: 1884
Registration Place: New Norfolk, Tasmania Registration Number: 471
Launceston Examiner Sat 18th October 1884; Friends are invited to the, funeral of the late Mr. ROBERT MILLER, which will leave his late
residence, Esk-street, Inveresk, on Sunday, 19th inst., at 3 o'clock.- HILLS BROTHERS, Undertakers, Brisbane-street.
Miller, Robert (I16912)
11028 Robert Linay, Son of John Linay & Jean Smith from St Andrews was baptised on 1/10/1836 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson.
1881 Ness St Andrews age 44 Joint Farmer of 100 acres, wife Ann 32, daughters; Jessie J 4, Elizabeth A 1.
1891 Work Kirkwall age 54 farmer, wife Ann 42, children; Jessie Ann 14, Elizabeth A 11, Robert 6, Ada A 3.
1901 Cott of Ness St Andrews age 64 farmer, wife Ann 52, children; Lillian 21, Robert 16 Ploughman, Ada 13, William 9, John 4.
1911 Cott of Ness (4 r/w) St Andrews age 74 Retired Famer, wife Ann 62 (Mar: 35y, 7, 7), living with children; Robert 26, Ada Alexina 23, John 14.
Hall of Tankerness, St Andrews, d/25;
Erected in loving remembrance of ROBERT LENNIE who died 2nd June 1914 aged 77 years and his wife ANN TAIT who died 20th Nov 1936 aged 87 years. 
Lennie, Robert (I9142)
11029 Robert Magnus Miller, Birth Year: abt 1884, Age: 22, Death Date: 03 Aug 1906, Death Place: Adelaide, Residence Place: Parkside
Registration Place: Adelaide, South Australia, Page Number: 269, Volume Number: 319
Evening Journal Saturday 4th August 1906; MILLER.-On the 3rd August, at Adelaide, Robert M. Miller, dearly beloved husband of L Miller, aged 22 years. 
Miller, Robert Magnus (I37311)
11030 Robert may have died 25 July 1855 at Sandybank aged 82 years. (Lived all his life on Eday) Wife was Ann Scott (second marriage?) Parents were John Dearness & Ann Scott. Dearness, Robert (I11367)
11031 Robert Miller, Spouse Name: Elizabeth Swan, Marriage Place: Victoria, Registration Place: Victoria, Registration Year: 1860, Reg Number: 2870.
A James Miller married Ann Swan and lived around Sandhurst (Bendigo) and a William Miller married Margaret Swan and lived at Kangaroo Ground.
From the Murchison Graveyard - I can't specifically identify anybody for the moment, but here are the names of the Millers buried there:
MILLER Beatrice May
MILLER Connie, Christina
MILLER Ellen Fanny
MILLER James Magnus
MILLER Robert, Elizabeth Catherine
Possibly this one, but probably not, Anne Amelia Miller, Birth Year: abt 1875, Age: 79, Death Place: Western Australia
Father's name: Robert, Mother's name: Elizabeth, Registration Year: 1954, Registration Place: Wellington, Western Australia, Reg Number: 90
Swan, Elizabeth (I33490)
11032 Robert Moar 19 is listed in hand-writing aboard the Stirlingshire arriving NSW in February 1884.
Warwick Daily News Qld. Wednesday 27th June 1951
Mr. Robert Moar; CLIFTON: The death has occurred of Mr. Robert Moar (87),well-known and highly-esteemed resident of the Pilton district for many years. The late Mr. Moar was born at Marwick (Orkney Isles) and migrated to Australia at the age of 17, travelling in the windjammer Sterlingshire. He began farming activities in the Bega (N.S.W.) district, where he married Miss Margaret Whiff en. In 1911, with his wife and four sons, he came to Queensland. He at first leased a farm at Headington Hill owned by Mr. M. J. Brosnan, and two years later bought "Emdale", in the Pilton district, from Mr, J. R. McKinstry, and it remained his home up till the time of his death. Deceased was prominent in public affairs, district movements and institutions, claiming his attention and practical support. He was a committee man of the Upper Pilton State school for many years, and a Division No. 3 representative from 1915 to 1921', when ill-health was responsible for his retirement. He is survived by four sons-Messrs F. W. Moar (Pilton), S. J.Moar (Monto), C. R. Moar (Pilton) and I. H. Moar (Clifton). His wife predeceased him in 1939.
The funeral took place to theToowcomba cemetery, the Rev. A.Hadden (Presbyterian Church)officiating at the graveside. 
Moar, Robert (I18211)
11033 Robert Paterson Barnet, Son of James Barnet & Margaret Wallace from Kirkwall was baptised on 2/9/1850 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson Barnet, Robert Paterson (I35891)
11034 Robert Paterson Chalmers, Son of Robert Chalmers & Mary Ireland from St Andrews was baptised on 4/10/1842 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson Chalmers, Robert Paterson (I47770)
11035 Robert Paterson Groundwater, Son of Edward Groundwater from Tankerness was baptised on 2/6/1822 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson. Groundwater, Robert Paterson (I31220)
11036 Robert Paterson Mason, Son of Thomas Mason & Catherine Slater from Seatter was baptised on 5/4/1827 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson. Mason, Robert Paterson (I32214)
11037 Robert S Muir, Son of John Muir & Margaret Smith from Kirkwall was baptised on 1/4/1844 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson.
Muir, Robert Smith (I34779)
11038 Robert Scott, Son of Hugh Scott & Mary Sclatter from Kirkwall was baptised on 1/11/1847 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson Scott, Robert (I46231)
11039 Robert Shearer, Spouse Name: Lydia Ellen Filmer, Marriage Place: Victoria, Reg Place: Victoria, Reg Year: 1881, Reg Number: 3878
I could not find what happened to Mr Robert Shearer ( too many Robert Shearers to decide between ) ; however below is a possible “stab in the dark”.
Robert Shearer, Death Date: 23 Jul 1935, Death Place: South Australia, Reg Year: 1931-1935, Reg Place: South Australia, Volume Number: 571
Shearer, Robert (I33872)
11040 Robert Sinclair, Son of James Sinclair & Mary Reid from Crossiecrown was baptised on 1/6/1848 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson Sinclair, Robert (I45379)
11041 Robert Sinclair, Son of John Sinclair & Margaret Peace from Hillhead was baptised on 2/10/1836 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson
Sinclair, Robert (I42919)
11042 Robert Spence Muir, Birth Year: abt 1852 , Age: 4 Months , Death Place: Victoria , Father's name: Stephen, Mother's name: Janet
Registration Year: 1853, Registration Place: Victoria, Registration Number: 998
Muir, Robert Spence (I34559)
11043 Robert Spence Muir, Son of John Muir & Jean Dennison from Eastside was baptised on 4/2/1836 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson.
Robt Spence Muir, Birth Year: abt 1837, Age: 73, Death Place: Rushworth, Victoria, Father's name: Muir Jno, Mother's name: Jean Dennison
Registration Year: 1910, Registration Place: Victoria, Registration Number: 6990.
The Argus Melbourne Wednesday 27th July 1910
Notice to Creditors re ROBERT SPENCE MUIR, Deceased -Pursuant to the Trusts Act 1890, notice is hereby given that all creditors and
others having any claims against the estate of Robert Spence Muir, late of Rushworth, in the State of Victoria, miner, deceased, who died on
the 24th day of April, 1910, and probate of whose will was granted to THE SANDHURST AND NORTHERN DISTRICT TRUSTEES EXECUTORS, AND AGENCY COMPANY LIMITED, of View Street Bendigo, in the said State.
Muir, Robert Spence (I33638)
11044 Robert Spence Slater Father's name: Robert Slater Spouse Name: Elizabeth Mclaren Mackie Spouse's Father's Name: David Manson Mackie Marriage Date: 01 Mar 1880 Marriage Place: Res Of David M Mackie Adelaide Reg Place: Adelaide, South Australia Page Number: 889 Volume Number: 122
Robert Spence Slater Death Place: South Australia Reg Year: 1926-1930 Reg Place: South Australia Page Number: 11 Volume Number: 501
The South Eastern Times (Millicent, SA : 1906 - 1954) Friday 13 January 1928 DEATHS. SLATER.-On January 11, 1928, at
the Thyne Memorial hospital, Millicent, -Robert Spence Slater, late of Millicent. Age, 84 years
The Narracoorte Herald (SA : 1875 - 1954) Friday 20 January 1928
Death cf a Pioneer Millicent Resident, Mr Robert Spence Slater, a pioneer settler of Millicent, died on Wednesday, January 11, at the Thyne Memorial Hospital. Mr. Slater, who was 84 years of age, left two children, Mr. R. M. Slater, of Adelaide, and Miss W. I. Slater, of Millicent.
Slater, Robert Spence (I34222)
11045 Robert Tait, Son of Robert Tait & Mary Irvine from Kirkwall was baptised on 2/4/1843 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson Tait, Robert (I43914)
11046 Robert Thomas Tait, Spouse Name: Hellen Bethia Hutchison Stewart, Marriage Place: Victoria
Registration Place: Victoria, Registration Year: 1882, Registration Number: 6231
Tait, Robert Thomas (I35817)
11047 Robert Thomson, Birth Year: abt 1854, Age: 58, Death Date: 15 Dec 1912, Death Place: Unley, Residence Place: Unley
Registration Place: Adelaide, South Australia, Page Number: 374, Volume Number: 370
Chronicle Adelaide Saturday 21st December 1912 THOMSON On the 15th December, at his residence, 'Hope,' Unley-road, the Rev. Robert
Thomson, former minister of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Unley, aged 58 years, leaving five sons, five daughters, and three grandchildren to
mourn their loss. 'Rest after suffering.'
Thomson, Robert William (I38383)
11048 Robert was a grocer and joiner. He died single. Informant at death was his uncle Robert Stove.
St Ninians, Deerness, 1e/1;
Sacred to the memory of ROBERT CLOUSTON who died at North Windbrake 11th April 1902 aged 32 years and THOMAS CLOUSTON his brother who died 15th June 1880 aged 8 years. 
Clouston, Robert (I46535)
11049 Robert was a J.P. Peace, Robert (I39792)
11050 Robert was a schoolmaster.
1891 Central Schoolhouse Sanday age 32 Schooolmaster, wife Lydia A O 28, daughters; Lydia 2, Margaret S 11 months.
1901 Central Schoolhouse Sanday age 42 Schoolmaster M A, wife Lydia 38, daughters; Lydia 12, Alice 9, Dorothy E 7, Jessie 5, Robina M 3, Jane O 10 months.
1911 School House, Pierowall (6 r/w) Westray age 52 Head Teacher, School Board, children; Lydia 22 Teacher, School Board, Robina Miller 13, Jane Oliver 10. Also brother John Shields Jarvie age 50 Retired Tea Planter.
1911 at Creya (4 r/w) Evie is wife Lydia Jarvie age 48 Visitor, Mar, (Mar: 24y, 7, 7).
Stenness Graveyard, Stenness
Sacred to the memory of LYDIA ANN OLIVER MILLER, beloved wife of ROBERT JARVIE, born at Kirkwall 24th December 1862 died at Cumminess House, Stenness 24th December 1922. Also the above ROBERT JARVIE, M.A., F.E.I.S. who died at Ellerslie, Cairston Road, Stromness 8th August 1949 aged 90 years. Psa.37. 7. Rest in the Lord. JARVIE. 
Jarvie, Robert (I42662)

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