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Matches 11,051 to 11,100 of 12,252

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11051 St Michaels Kirk, Harray, c/3/8;
Erected by ROBERT and ELIZABETH FLETT in loving memory of their daughter DAISY JANE who died at 'Furso', 13th February 1917 aged 17 years. 
Flett, Daisy Jane Kirkness (I38378)
11052 St Michaels Kirk, Harray, c/5/19;
Sacred to the memory of THOMASINA MACKAY wife of JOHN GEORGE JOLLY who died at 'Madras Cottage', Harray on 7th January 1937 aged 46 years also the above JOHN GEORGE JOLLY who died on 28th October 1961 aged 71 years. God makes the end of life a rest for broken things too broke to mend. [Small stone at foot in shape of book] In loving memory of AGNES KIRKPATRICK died 16th September 1962 aged 69 years wife of JOHN G. JOLLY. 
Jolly, John George (I39545)
11053 St Michaels Kirk, Harray, c/5/3;
Erected to the memory of JOHN F. SPENCE younger son of MATTHEW SPENCE 'Post Office', Harray and beloved husband of MAGGIE JOLLY who went amissing on the night of 8th - 9th May 1917 while serving with the Black Watch in Salonica aged 33 years also their son JACK who died 7th December 1940 aged 26 years also the above MAGGIE JOLLY who died at 8 King St. Kirkwall 2nd February 1941 aged 53 years. Thy will be done. 
Spence, John Firth (I39538)
11054 St Michaels Kirk, Harray, c/6/20;
In loving memory of JEAN FLETT BORWICK wife of JAMES KIRKNESS who died at 'Newhouse', 27th April 1945 aged 82 also the said JAMES KIRKNESS who died at 'Newhouse', 3rd March 1949 aged 77 years also their daughter MARGARET JANE KIRKNESS who died at 'Newhouse', 13th December 1976 aged 74 also their daughter JEMIMA ANN KIRKNESS who died 4th September 1984 aged 80 years. Until the day dawn. 
Borwick, Jane Flett (I42069)
11055 St Michaels Kirk, Harray, c/8/21;
In loving memory of parents and brother THOMAS HARRAY died July 22nd 1901 aged 52 years ISABELLA CLOUSTON HARRAY died July 12th 1925 aged 63 years their son MALCOLM HARRAY killid in action Baghdad, Mesopotamia April 21st 1917 aged 20 years. Also TOM, WILLIAM, JEAN, MARGARET and BELLA all died in America. Erected by WILLIAM HARRAY. 
Harray, Thomas (I48727)
11056 St Michaels Kirk, Harray, c/8/23;
[Broken stone] Sacred to the memory of MARGARET FLETT wife of THOMAS HARRAY who died at Upperbigging', Harray on the 25th July 1895 aged 72 years also the above THOMAS HARRAY who died April 1908 aged 85 years. 
Harray, Thomas (I48712)
11057 St Michaels Kirk, Harray, e/10/4;
In loving memory of EDWARD IRVINE who died at 'Appietown', 16th January 1956 aged 74 years also his wife ISABELLA HOURSTON who died at 'Lewestane', 30th March 1969 aged 73 years. In my Father's House are many mansions. 
Irvine, Edward (I29928)
11058 St Michaels Kirk, Harray, e/13/3;
In memory of Wm. M. FORBES 1906 - 1984. 
Forbes, William McKay (I34863)
11059 St Michaels Kirk, Harray, e/16/11;
In loving memory of JOHN M. WATERS who died 1st November 1981 aged 74 years beloved husband of LILLA KIRKNESS who died 14th December 1993 aged 87 years. Their youngest son EOIN SINCLAIR 8-10-47 - 12-12-1999. In Thy presence is fullness of joy. 
Waters, John Muir (I47055)
11060 St Michaels Kirk, Harray, e/19/5;
In loving memory of LOUISA MAGGIE (LOUIE) HOURSTON who died 23rd February 1981 aged 73 years beloved wife of WILLIAM D. FIRTH, 'Dunsyre', who died 24th December 1983 aged 76 years. 
Firth, William D (I38010)
11061 St Michaels Kirk, Harray, f/1/11;
In loving memory of WILLIAM SINCLAIR, 'Conyer', Harray who died 11th July 2005 aged 83 years dear brother of ROSE ANNIE LESLIE who died 29th April 2006 aged 100 years. 
Sinclair, Rose Annie Corrigall Flett (I38366)
11062 St Michaels Kirk, Harray; C/2/23;
Erected in loving memory of WILHELMINA M. CORRIGALL wife of ROBERT F. ADAMSON who died 10th August 1936 aged 41 years also the above ROBERT F. ADAMSON who died 20th November 1959 aged 66 years. Sweet is the slumber beneath the sod while the pure spirit rests with God. 
Corrigall, Wilhelmina Mackay (I22206)
11063 St Nicholas Kirkyard, Holm 43/6;
In memory of GILBERT ODDIE who died 8th Oct 1864 aged 77 years also his son WILLIAM ODDIE who died 13th Nov 1877 aged 53 years. 
Oddie, Gilbert (I20488)
11064 St Nicholas Kirkyard, Holm B/18;
In loving memory of JAMES W LOUTTIT who died 4th Nov 1971 aged 76 years dear husband of CHRISTINA WYLIE who died 23rd Feb 1972 aged 77 years also their son Pte.JOHN L LOUTTIT killed in action 10th June 1940 aged 25 years also their eldest son JAMES WILLIAM who died at Balfour Hospital 24th March 1975 aged 61 years. 
Louttit, James William (I22813)
11065 St Nicholas Kirkyard, Holm row J plot 14;
In loving memory of LYDIA ANN LOW died 14th October 1972 aged 70 beloved wife of JOHN KIRKNESS died 30th August 1993 aged 90. 
Kirkness, John (I18923)
11066 St Nicholas Kirkyard, Stronsay plot 33;
In loving memory of William Spence beloved husband of Janet Maxwell died 2-3-1928 aged 62 yrs also their son John George Spence died 5-4-1926 aged 18 yrs also the above Janet Maxwell died 30-11-1937 aged 89 yrs. 
Spence, William (I18280)
11067 St Nicholas Kirkyard, Stronsay; Plot 35, Erected by Thomas Stevenson in memory of his beloved wife Ann Miller died 10-6-1906 aged 68 yrs.
death date taken from headstone inscription. 
Miller, Ann (I7110)
11068 St Nicholas, Holm 27/3;
Sacred to the memory of ANN COPLAND who died 3rd July 1846 aged 26 years also PETER COPLAND who died 21st Sept 1869 aged 16 years. 
Copland, Ann (I27717)
11069 St Nicholas, Holm 27/3;
Sacred to the memory of ANN COPLAND who died 3rd July 1846 aged 26 years also PETER COPLAND who died 21st Sept 1869 aged 16 years. 
Copland, Peter (I27723)
11070 St Nicholas, Holm 33/4;
Sacred to the memory of JOHN COPLAND who died 3rd May 1818 aged 63 years EUPHEMIA WALD wife of JOHN COPLAND who died 16th Nov 1847 aged 77 years EDWARD COPLAND who died 1st April 1859 ANDREW COPLAND who died 1st April 1860 JEAN GAUDIE wife of JAMES COPLAND who died 2nd February 1874 and ANN COPLAND wife of WILLIAM TAIT who died 6th July 1898 aged 85 years. Erected by the family of the late JOHN COPLAND Clothier, Glasgow in memory of their grandfather, grandmother, uncles and aunts November 1899. 
Copland, John (I27732)
11071 St Nicholas, Holm a/3;
Erected by JANE LOUTTIT in memory of her beloved husband WILLIAM ANGUS who died at Little Millhouse, Deerness 27th June 1932 aged 73 years also the above JANE LOUTTIT who died 1st May 1943 aged 83 years. Asleep in Jesus. 
Louttit, Williamina Jane (I22811)
11072 St Nicholas, Holm b/15;
Erected by MARY LOUTTIT in loving memory of her husband JAMES DELDAY who died 16th Dec 1942 aged 91 years also the above MARY LOUTTIT who passed away 25th June 1945 aged 91 years. 
Louttit, Mary (I25349)
11073 St Nicholas, Holm B/19;
In loving memory of MARY PRATT wife of PETER MILLAR who died at Heatherlea 16th May 1938 aged 66 years also the above PETER MILLAR who died 10th Feb 1947 aged 83 years also their daughters ADA who died 6th Jan 1963 aged 66 years, HELEN who died 14th Aug 1963 aged 61 years and ELIZABETH who died at Tayport 11th April 1965 aged 74 years. 
Pratt, Mary (I21764)
11074 St Nicholas, Holm G/9;
In loving memory of my dear sister MARGARET SINCLAIR youngest daughter of the late DAVID SINCLAIR Donnersbrae, Holm who died 30th April 1948 aged 65 years. 
Sinclair, Margaret (I21439)
11075 St Nicholas, Holm, 12/5;
Erected by SAMUEL AIM in memory of his mother STEWART ANNAL who died 26th June 1882 aged 100 years. 
Annal, Stewart (I23014)
11076 St Nicholas, Holm, 16/21;
In loving memory of WILLIAM LOW who died at Cruhill, Toab 23rd Dec 1915 aged 63 years also his wife MARGARET LAUGHTON who died 11th April 1927 aged 82 years also their eldest daughter JEMIMA wife of THOMAS ANDERSON who died in Edinburgh June 1907 aged 35 years. 
Low, William Robertson (I40501)
11077 St Nicholas, Holm, 16/40;
In loving memory of MARGARET GUTCHER the beloved wife of JAMES FLETT Fishcurer who departed this life 18th Nov 1897 aged 73 years also the said JAMES FLETT who departed this life 30th Aug 1903 aged 78 years. 
Gutcher, Margaret (I32657)
11078 St Nicholas, Holm, 19/7;
Erected by WILLIAM MANSON Farm Manager, New Holland, Holm in memory of his beloved wife BETSY MURRAY who died 10th November 1866 aged 60 years also his daughter JESSIE MANSON who died 15th July 1878 aged 46 years. ( fallen stone ) 
Murray, Elizabeth (Betsy) (I46759)
11079 St Nicholas, Holm, 26/6;
The burying ground of WILLIAM FOUBISTER, Farmer, East Brechin HANNAH FOUBISTER died Feby 26th 1846 aged 49 years WILLIAM FOUBISTER died June 13th 1865 aged 72 years. 
Foubister, Hannah (I33971)
11080 St Nicholas, Holm, 28/14;
In affectionate remembrance of MARY ANN GIBSON wife of ROBERT GIBSON died at Hurtiso, Holm 15th Dec 1921 aged 58 years. 
Gibson, Mary Ann (I37814)
11081 St Nicholas, Holm, 28/7;
Erected by ROBERT MATCHES in memory of his mother SEBELLA LINNIE? who died Jan 10 1818 aged 71 years and also of his father JAMES M MATCHES who died December 1852 aged 81 years, DAVID MATCHES son of the above JAMES MATCHES who died 2nd March 1876 his wife SARAH LAUGHTON who died 24th August 1891 aged 84 years both died at Yarpha, Deerness also their son DAVID MATCHES who died at Wester Voy, Sandwick on 1st March 1929 aged 84 years. ( Fallen stone ) 
Matches, James M (I43189)
11082 St Nicholas, Holm, 30/10;
Erected by GILBERT FOUBISTER in memory of his grandmother ISABELLA SPENCE wife of THOMAS FOUBISTER Grimsquoy, St Ola who died December 1843 aged 93 years and his brother PETER FOUBISTER East Breckan who died 6th January 1885 aged 48 years the above GILBERT FOUBISTER died 15th Oct 1909 aged 88 years.
St Olafs Cemetery (old section), Kirkwall, WA/28;
In loving memory of ALAN FOUBISTER born 25th May 1916 died 22nd May 1924. NANCY GREEN YOUNG died 28th Jan 1958 aged 81 years. WILLIAM FLETT FOUBISTER, Accountant, Kirkwall who passed on 27th November 1942. Also his beloved wife MARY PHAUP who died 19th April 1949. GILBERT FOUBISTER died 15th October 1909 aged 86 years. CHARLOTTE NISBET FLETT his wife died 4th February 1916 aged 85 years. 
Foubister, Gilbert (I38035)
11083 St Nicholas, Holm, 34/7;
In memory of JOHN SMITH beloved husband of MARY ODDIE who died 10th July 1910 aged 56 years the above MARY ODDIE who died 6th Jan 1931 aged 71 years. [In front] In loving memory of our dear parents. In the shadow of his wings there is rest. 
Smith, John (I47850)
11084 St Nicholas, Holm, 37/5;
Erected by SAMUEL F AIM in loving memory of his wife JOHAN MILLER HARCUS who died 6th April 1933 aged 63 years also the above SAMUEL F AIM who died 23rd May 1940 aged 68 years. 
Harcus, Joann Miller (I12960)
11085 St Nicholas, Holm, 42/4;
The grave of BARBARA LAUGHTON who died 12th Aug 1821 aged 44 years and her husband SIMON AIM Farmer, Cleat who died 6th June 1836 aged 69 years, erected by their son WILLIAM AIM Cleat also the grave of WILLIAM AIM who died 16th Jan 1857 aged 46 years. 
Laughton, Barbara (I23011)
11086 St Nicholas, Holm, 44/1;
In memory of DAVID ESSON who died 1st June 1902 aged 56 years and his wife ROBINA ODDIE who died 12th Feb 1913 aged 62 years also their son DAVID who died 8th Nov 1932. 
Esson, David (I47895)
11087 St Nicholas, Holm, 44/2;
In memory of MARGARET MOWAT spouse of WILLIAM ODDIE who died 7th June 1846 aged 68 years also the grave of JAMES only son of JAMES ODDIE who died 29th Augt 1870 aged 9 years. 
Mowat, Margaret (I47874)
11088 St Nicholas, Holm, 8/13;
In memory of JOHN TAIT Farmer, Nether Breckquoy who died 6th March 1901 aged 67 years and his wife HANNAH FOUBISTER died 29th Dec 1923 aged 84 years and their daughter JESSIE who died 3rd Feb 1954 aged 83 years also their daughter ELLEN who died 13th Nov 1965 aged 91 years. ‘My grace is sufficient for thee.’ 
Tait, John (I38044)
11089 St Nicholas, Holm, 8/19/;
Erected to the memory of MARY SMITH, beloved wife of PETER ALLAN, who died Jan 21st 1886 aged 72 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord. Also the above PETER ALLAN died 4th April 1889 aged 84 years. [fallen stone] 
Allan, Peter (I48008)
11090 St Nicholas, Holm, d/5;
In loving memory of our dear father WILLIAM LOW who died at Cruhill 12th Aug 1941 aged 69 years and our mother MARY DREVER who died 15th Aug 1946 aged 72 years 
Low, William (I40512)
11091 St Nicholas, Holm, H/5;
In loving memory of SAMUEL AIM who died at Cleat 12th Dec 1955 aged 55 years beloved husband of WINIFRED DONALDSON who died 15th Sept 1999 aged 94 years. Asleep in Jesus. 
Aim, Samuel (I38482)
11092 St Nicholas, Orphir 1/2/11;
In loving memory of ELSIE, beloved child of PETER & MARY FARQUHAR, died 10th Nov 1895 aged 8 months. Also in loving memory of MARY GROUNDWATER, beloved wife and mother of the above, died 18th Aug 1897 aged 40 years, TOMIMA died 12th March 1899 aged 9 years, JAMES died in France 11th Apr 1917 aged 32 years. The above PETER LOUTTIT FARQUHAR died 12th Nov 1930 aged 78 years. Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord. 
Farquhar, Peter Louttit (I33150)
11093 St Nicholas, Orphir, 1/17/6;
Erected in memory of JESSIE BRASS who died 7th April 1840 aged 4 years. Also MARGARET BRASS who died 18th March 1848 aged 5 years and their mother JANET INKSTER who died 17th Augt 1861 aged 62 years and also JOHN BRASS who was 33 years Parochial Teacher who died .. Nov 187x aged 75 years. 
Inkster, Janet (I33858)
11094 St Nicholas, Orphir, 1/17/7;
Erected in memory of THOMAS BRASS who died 19th Feby 1834 aged 8 days. Also JOHN BRASS who died 11th April 1840 aged 17 years and PETER BRASS who died 18th July 1855 aged 25 years. Also their sister SUSAN A BRASS who died 21st May 1897 aged 68 years. 
Brass, Susan Anderson (I33859)
11095 St Nicholas, Orphir, 1/3/34;
Erected by JOSHUA HAY in memory of his beloved wife HELLEN CORNER who died 4th Jany 1875 aged 60 years. Also the above JOSHUA HAY who died 16th Feb 1906 aged 87 years. 
Corner, Hellen (Nelly) (I29419)
11096 St Nicholas, Orphir, 1/6/20;
Sacred to the memory of ISABELLA OMOND, wife of JOHN BROUGH, who died 2nd April 1881 aged 82 years, JOHN BROUGH her husband who died 2nd Dec 1894 aged 85 years, JOHN O BROUGH their son who died 7th Feb 1919 aged 78 years, MARY S GROUNDWATER his wife who died 4th Feb 1922 aged 77 years, ANN STILL BROUGH, second daughter of the above, who died in the Gilbert Bain Hospital, Lerwick 8th Aug 1929 aged 44 years. 
Omand, Isabella (I30727)
11097 St Nicholas, Orphir, 2/b/1;
Erected by JOHN ROBSON in loving memory of his wife ANDRINA W FLETT who died 23rd Nov 1904 aged 27 years. The above JOHN ROBSON who died 20th Nov 1949 aged 73 years. 
Robson, John (I39607)
11098 St Nicholas, Orphir, 2/G/10;
In loving memory of THOMAS LENNIE who died 22nd March 1915 aged 73 years beloved husband of JESSIE A B BAILLIE who died at North Mains of Barra, Old Meldrum, Aberdeenshire 28th Jan 1928 aged 82 year,s interred in Bourtie Churchyard. 
Baillie, Jessie Alexina Balfour (I32553)
11099 St Nicholas, Orphir, 2/g/15;
In loving memory of ISABELLA MARGARET HAY, only daughter of ROBERT and ISABELLA HAY, who died 13th July 1913 aged 28 years. Also the above ROBERT HAY who died 15th March 1928 aged 78 years and his wife ISABELLA CLOUSTON who died 30th Jan 1925 aged 77 years. At Rest. 
Hay, Robert (I21263)
11100 St Nicholas, Orphir,1/8/11;
In memory of WILLIAM GARRIOCH died 1st October 1899 aged 62 years. Also his daughter MARGARET died 26th July 1868 aged 2 years. Also his wife MARGARET SINCLAIR died 6th April 1919 aged 83 years and his son PETER SPENCE died 30th April 1958 aged 82 years. 
Garrioch, William (I22367)

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