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24251 William Rendall died on 14/04/1952 aged 74 in Westray - Married 1st to Annie Logie; 2nd Margaret Bain; 3rd Jemima Rendall Groat or Van Wyck.
Informant at death was James L Rendall (Son) of Saverton Pierowall.
William Rendall (age 23) & Annie Logie (age 25) married on 10/01/1901 in Westray
Grooms Father: James Rendall Mother: Jessie Mowat
Brides Father: Archibald Logie Mother: Agnes Mowat
Ladykirk, Pierowall, Westray, a3/68
Rendall, William (I19830)
24252 William Rendall Gender: M (Male) Birth Date: 19 Nov 1852 Birth Place: Westray, Orkney Islands, Scotland death Date: 7 Nov 1933
Death Place: Waikouaiti, Dunedin City, Otago, New Zealand Cemetery: St. John's Anglican Cemetery burial or Cremation Place: Waikouaiti, Dunedin City, Otago, New Zealand 
Rendall, William (I30499)
24253 William Rendall, father of William the Surgeon, was a farmer.
Rendall, William (I60317)
24254 William Ritch (age 29) & Jane C Tulloch (age 30) married on 24th April 1862 in Deerness.
Grooms Father: John Ritch. Mother: Elizabeth Skea
Brides Father: William Tulloch. Mother: Ann Cromarty 
Ritch, William (I60487)
24255 William Robert Brass Kirkness died on 14/03/1951 aged 86 in Sandwick - widower of 1st Jane Guthrie: 2nd Annie Scott
Father: William Kirkness. Mother: Isabella Brass
Informant: Fred Kirkness, son
1871 Sandwick, Rose Village; Isabella Kirkness, 35, Stocking Knitter, son William R Kirkness, 5.
1891 Sandwick, Queenamoan; William R B Kirkness, 25, Farmer, wife Jane 36, children; Jane I 8, William S 6, John G B 5, Davina M 3.
1901 Sandwick, Queenamoan; William R B Kirkness, 35, Farmer, wife Ann 30, children; John G B 15, Davina M 13, Robert S 8, Selina M C 5, Annie J 3.
1911 Sandwick, Queenamoan (3 r/w); William R B Kirkness, 45, Farmer, Ann Kirkness, 39, (Mar: 19y, 6, 6), children; Selina M C 16, Annie Jane 14,
Mima Ellen 8, Fred 4, Victoria 2.
1921 Sandwick, Kirkness (West); William R B Kirkness, 55, Farmer, wife Ann 48, Home Duties, children; Mima E 18, Fred 14, Victoria 13. 
Kirkness, William Robert Brass (I75003)
24256 William Robert Groundwater Spouse Name: Cecilia Amelia Douglas Marriage Date: 26 Sep 1883 Marriage Place: Queensland Registration Place: Queensland Registration Year: 1883 Registration Number: 001215 Page Number: 5823 Name: William Robert Groundwater Death Date: 30 Jan 1930
Death Place: Queensland Father's Name: George Mother's Name: Janet Cargill Reg Year: 1930 Reg Place: Queensland Reg Number: 000686 Page Number: 642
Groundwater, William Robert (I63433)
24257 William Robert Irvine Gibson born on 18/05/1893 in Stromness
Father: James Gibson. Mother: Annie Towers 
Gibson, William Robert (I69839)
24258 William Robert Waldie Haggie Brass (age 23) & Lilian Linklater (age 23) married on 30th January 1936 in Stromness.
Grooms Father: William Irvine Brass. Mother: Mary Tait Bichan
Brides Father: James Linklater. Mother: Mary Ann Moar 
Brass, William Robert Waldie Haggie (I48604)
24259 William Robertson (age 27) & Mary Flett Ross (age 26) married on 25/04/1906 in Stromness.
Grooms Father: Peter Robertson. Mother: Margaret Simpson
Brides Father: Malcolm Ross. Mother: Mary Flett
William Robertson (Widower - age 46) & Barbara Flett (Widow - age 47) married on 03/11/1925 in Flotta.
Grooms Father: Peter Robertson. Mother: Margaret Simpson.
Brides Father: Malcolm Flett. Mother: Barbara Rosie.
William Robertson died on 06/05/1955 aged 76 at Banks, Flotta - married to 1st Mary Flett Ross, 2nd Barbara Flett
Father: Peter Robertson. Mother: Margaret Simpson
Informant: William Robertson, Son
1911 Holm, St Marys (3 r/w); William Robertson, 32, Stone Mason, wife Mary 31, (Mar: 5y, 3, 3), children; Mary Ellen 4, Peter 2, Isabella (5 months). 
Robertson, William (I77759)
24260 William Robertson died on 01/10/1909 aged 69 in Walls
Father: Edward Robertson. Mother: Christina Groat
Informant: Alex Sinclair, Neighbour
Robertson, William (I23335)
24261 William Robertson died on 10/12/1919 at Quina Stenness aged 74 - Married to Helen Johnston.
Father: William Robertson. Mother: Margaret Isbister.
Informant: James Leask, Son-in-law
Robertson, William (I77294)
24262 William Robertson died on 16/05/1892 at Damaschool, Evie aged 60 - Married to Janet Davie.
Father: Christopher Robertson. Mother: Barbara Brown.
Informant: John Sinclair, Inspector of Poor
Robertson, William Brown (I63842)
24263 William Robertson died on 21/03/1877 aged 69 at Surrigar, Westray - Married to Christina Harcus.
Father: George Robertson. Mother: Margaret Foulis
Informant: Christina Robertson (Widow).
Ladykirk, Pierowall, Westray, a2/35;
Robertson, William (I65661)
24264 William Robertson, b: 29 Nov 1904
Birth of William Robertson, 1904 in Flotta
William Robertson born on 29/11/1904 at Banks, Flotta
Father: James Robertson. Mother: Barbara Flett
[Birth Cert: 1904-032-02-0006] 
Robertson, William (I78104)
24265 William Rosie (age 20) & Barbara Russell (age 18) married on 12/09/1878 at Sandwick, S Ronaldsay.
Grooms Father: John Rosie. Mother: Helen Brown.
Brides Father: James Russell. Mother: Catherine Simeson.
William Rosie died on 08/11/1948 aged 90 at QuoyDam, S Ronaldsay- widower of 1st Barbara Russell, 2nd Joan Dass
Father: John Rosie. Mother: Helen Brown
Informant: George Budge. Grandson 
Rosie, William (I22231)
24266 William Rosie Dearness (widower, age 35) & Maggie Linklater (age 19) married on 20th June 1930 in S Ronaldsay.
Grooms Father: Samuel Dearness. Mother: Elizabeth Rosie
Brides Father: Robert Annal Linklater. Mother: Margaret Simison.
Finstown Cemetery, Firth, 3/14/17;
In loving memory of MAGGIE LINKLATER who died 2nd Jan 1972 aged 61 years, dear wife of ROBERT GARRIOCH who died 15 Sept 1980 aged 73 years.
Linklater, Maggie (I65171)
24267 William Rousay born on 08/03/1884 in Sanday.
Father: David Rousay. Mother: Christina Garrioch 
Rousay, William (I76613)
24268 William Roy Davidson Sketheway Birth Date: 18 May 1882 Birth Place: Marden Registration Place: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
Father: William Sketheway Mother: Sarah Ray Joyce Page Number: 150 Volume Number: 283 
Skethway, William Roy Davidson (I26381)
24269 William Russel Muir, Son of William Muir & Margaret Omand from Kirkwall was baptised on 01/11/1834 at Congregational Ch, Kirkwall by R Paterson Muir, William Russland (I9187)
24270 William Russell (1842 - 1924) son of William Russell and Elizabeth Bews was born at Odinstone on the island of Shapinsay. He was 11 years old when he arrived in SA with his father, mother, brother and two sisters. The eldest brother and two elder sisters did not emigrate. It was said the older brother went to America?
Chronicle Adelaide, SA Saturday 9th August 1924
Mr. William Russell, the well known sailmaker and ship chandler, of Port Adelaide, died at his residence at Union street, Semaphore, on August 1. Of a quiet and retiring disposition, he had an army of friends, who admired him for his sterling good qualities. He was a native of the Orkney Islands, and was 82 years of age. He arrived in South Australia in the fifties, and after serving his time with the late Captain French as a sailmaker, was employed by Messrs. Clarke and McKenzie as a foreman. Afterwards he started on his own account at the corner of Divett and Todd streets, Port Adelaide. In 1887 he entered into partnership with Mr. H. W. Thompson and bought out the business of his former employers. This partnership was dissolved three years later, and he opened in business in Commercial Road, Port Adelaide, where he continued until his death. He had held office as president and honorary curator of the institute, museum, and art gallery at Port Adelaide. He had also been a representative of the institute on the Public Library Board, and held the office at one time of vice-president of the Institutes' Association. He was one of the first students to be enrolled at the Adelaide University. He was a clever mathematician, and took a great interest in astronomy, having a miniature observatory at his residence. Up till about two years ago he was a correspondent of the paper conducted by the Astronomical Society. He was remarkably agile for his age, and he astonished local people about two years ago by scaling the flagstaff at the top of the tower of the Customs House at Port Adelaide for the purpose of carrying out some repairs connected with the halyards. He and Mr. John Playfair were the last two remaining foundation members of the Royal Yacht Squadron. He was associated for many years with the committee and as an officer of the club, and used to race his own yacht, Vivid. Later he was in partnership with Mr. Magnus Wald in the cutter Magic. When the squadron was formed, on November 6, 1859, he was of those who met at Mr. Bucknall's Club House Hotel to bring about its inauguration. In the years which followed he did much to keep yachting and yacht racing alive. He left a widow, one son, and two daughters- Mr. W. H. Russell and Mesdames Norris and Bushell. 
Russell, William (I56960)
24271 William S Kirkness (age 26) & Maggie Brass (age 27) married on 27/11/1902 in Firth.
Grooms Father: William Kirkness. Mother: Margaret Annal
Brides Father: John Brass. Mother: Helen Aitken 
Brass, Margaret (I78772)
24272 William Sabiston (age) & Margaret Allan (age 30) married on 16/6/1931 in Kirkwall.
Grooms Father: James Tait Mother: Ann Sabiston
Brides Father: William Cromarty Allan Mother: Elizabeth Reid.
St Olafs Cemetery (old section), Kirkwall, 50/39;
In loving memory of WILLIAM SABISTON TAIT who died 21st Aug 1945 aged 56 interned North Cemetery, Bournemouth beloved husband of MARGARET ALLAN who died 22nd Sept 1979 aged 79. 
Tait, William Sabiston (I66360)
24273 William Sabiston died on 25th March 1930 aged 77 in Stromness - widower of Isabella Spence
Father: not recorded Mother: Sarah Sabiston
Informant: Robert A Heddle, son-in-law
1901 Stromness, Off Victoria St; William Sabiston, 48, Storekeeper in Steamer born England, wife Isabella 53, children; Williamina 21, John 16, Tailors Apprentice.
Stromness (Kirkyard A), a/357;
In loving memory OF WILLIAM SABISTON d. at Church Rd. 25 Mar 1930 aged 77. His wife ISABELLA SPENCE d. 29 Mar 1902 aged 53. 
Sabiston, William (I72535)
24274 William Sabiston, b: 24 Oct 1906
Birth of William Sabiston, 1906 in Flotta
William Sabiston born on 24/10/1906 in Flotta.
Father: Robert Taylor Sabiston. Mother: Maria Simpson
[Birth Cert: 1906-032-02-0007]
Sabiston, William (I78083)
24275 William Samuel Heddle, Death Date: 15 Dec 1946, Death Place: South Australia, Registration Year: 1946-1950
Registration Place: South Australia, Page Number: 6216, Volume Number: 708.
HEDDLE, William Samuel & Rachel English; William ( and maybe his wife ? ) above, are buried in the North Brighton Cemetery in Adelaide.
Heddle, William Samuel (I38017)
24276 William Samuel Smith Leask born on 25/05/1898 in Stromness.
Father: James Leask Mother: Margaret Dickson Smith 
Leask, William Samuel Smith (I75873)
24277 William Sclater died on 17th August 1875 aged 84 in Orphir - married to Peggy Wishart
Father: William Sclater. Mother: Jane Linklater
Informant: John Wishart, grandson
Slater, William (I62478)
24278 William Scott (age 26) & Jane Leonard (age 22) married on 25/04/1878 in Sandwick.
Grooms Father: William Scott. Mother: Jean Ballantyne
Brides Father: John Leonard. Mother: Ann Kirkness.
1881 Sandwick, Croval; William Scott, 29, Farm Servant, wife Jane 25, daughter Mary 2.
1891 Birsay, West Quoys; William Scott, 39, Farmer, wife Jean 35, children; Mary 12, Charles 7, William 2. 
Scott, William (I77194)
24279 William Scott (age 31) & Jemima Stove (age 26) married on 22/03/1933 in Deerness.
Grooms Father: John Scott. Mother: Ann Skea Kirkness
Brides Father: William Bichan Stove. Mother: Mary Irvine 
Scott, William (I66346)
24280 William Scott born on 28/02/1892 at Sanday
Father: James Scott. Mother: Margaret Stove.
William Scott (age 28) & Agnes Jane Gunn (age 22) married on 09/07/1920 in Thurso.
Grooms Father: James Scott. Mother: Margaret Stove.
Brides Father: John Gunn. Mother: Elizabeth Geddes.
William Scott died on 09/12/1958 aged 66 in Kirkwall - Married to Agnes Jane Gunn.
Father: James Scott. Mother: Margaret Ritch Stove
Informant: Thomas Scott (Brother) 
Scott, William (I31100)
24281 William Scott died on 25/10/1928 aged 49 at 12 Bridge St, Kirkwall - Married to Jessie Ann Helen Eunson.
Father: Thomas Scott. Mother: Ann Stout
Informant: ?? Eunson (Sister-in-law) 
Scott, William (I67617)
24282 William Scott, Birth Year: abt 1834, Age: 69, Death Place: Toth W, Victoria, Father's name: Scott Wm, Mother's name: Mary Shearer
Registration Year: 1903, Registration Place: Victoria, Registration Number: 6053 
Scott, William (I51139)
24283 William Seater married in Mayne County Michigan, Alice M Sager of Port Huron Michigan daughter of Gilbert Sager and Florence Stokes. William was born in Scotland, an interior decorator, and son of Thomas Seater, and May Rendall.
Name: May Randall Gender: Female Spouse: Thomas Seater Child: William Seater County File Number: 363427 State File Number: 82 55043 
Seater, William (I8315)
24284 William Seatter (age 19) & Hellen Paterson (age 26) married on 28/08/1874 in Westray.
Grooms Father: Andrew Seatter. Mother: Francis Paterson
Brides Father: William Paterson. Mother: Mary Smith 
Seater, William (I8521)
24285 William Seatter Craigie, Master Blacksmith died single on 05/07/1883 aged 30 in Rousay
Father: Hugh Craigie. Mother: Jane Seatter
Informant: Mary Ann Craigie (Sister) 
Craigie, William Seatter (I68288)
24286 William Seatter, Otautau b: 1881 (NZ BDM 1881/1749) d: 25 Jan 1962, aged 80 at Invercargill, Southland, New Zealand (NZ BDM 1962/31175)
Memorial Inscription: Otautau New Cemetery, Southland, New Zealand, 8 Block A XVI;
In Loving Memory of WILLIAM SEATTER Died the result of an accident 25th Jan. 1962, aged 80 years. Also his parents CHRISTINA Died 15.8.1934, aged 83 years ROBERT Died 24.1.1935, Aged 82 years. Interred Old Cemetery
Probate Record: Record Number 72/62, Item R22088957. Described as Carpenter late of Otautau. Will dated 4 February 1938. Bequeathed his estate to Raymond Kirk, son of his sister, Margaret Kirk, nee Seatter and Gordon Seatter (son of his brother, Robert Seatter) in equal shares.
Seater, William (I74339)
24287 William Seton Chrystall (age 27) & Eliza Ann Mainland (age 21) married on 20th November 1885 in Kirkwall.
Grooms Father: James Chrystall. Mother: Margaret Seton
Brides Father: David Mainland. Mother: Eliza Pavie 
Chrystall, William Seaton (I68273)
24288 William Shearer (age 30) & Jessie Harper (age 25) married on 5th Feb 1884 in Stromness.
Grooms Father: William Shearer. Mother: Jane Foubister.
Brides Father: James Harper. Mother: Catherine Isbister. 
Shearer, William (I71537)
24289 William Shearer (age 33) & Maggie Jean Clouston Linklater (age 28) married on 28th November 1922 in St Andrews.
Grooms Father: William Shearer. Mother: Jessie Harper
Brides Father: Alexander Linklater. Mother: Mary Johnston 
Shearer, William (I60254)
24290 William Shearer born on 24/08/1856 at Shapinsay.
Father: Thomas Shearer. Mother: Margaret Liddle
1901 Pekin Shapinsay age 43 Farmer, wife Phemie age 29.
1911 Shapinsay, Pekin (3 r/w); William Shearer, 54, Farmer, wife Phemie 38, (Mar: 15y, 2, 2), children; William 8, Margaret 2.
1921 Shapinsay, Pekin; William Shearer, 63, Farmer, wife Phamie 48, Home Duties, children; William Thomas Ploughman, Margaret Jane 12.
Possibly death date is 4th Aug 1940 Shapinsay.
Shearer, William (I31301)
24291 William Shearer died on 01/02/1888 at St Andrews aged 66 - Married to Jane Foubister.
Father: David Shearer. Mother: Isabella Spence.
Informant: Archibald Smith (Son-in-law).
1861 St Andrews, Breck; William Shearer, 39, Farmer of 20 acres, wife Jean 40, children; William 7, Jean 3. 
Shearer, William (I69952)
24292 William Shearer died on 06/07/1889 aged 4 yrs in Holm.
Father: Edward Shearer. Mother: Mary Angus
Informant: William Shearer (Grandfather) 
Shearer, William (I62913)
24293 William Shearer died on 29/04/1892 aged 89 in Holm - Widower of Margaret Eunson
Father: John Shearer. Mother: Jane Sinclair
Informant: John Laughton (Son-in-law).
1851 Holm, Store House; William Shearer, 48, Farmer 12 acres, wife Margaret 50, children; Margaret 13, James 10, Samuel 6.
1861 Holm, Storehouse; William Shearer, 59, Farmer, wife Margaret 60, Janet Shearer, 18, Dau.
1871 Holm, Storehouse; William Shearer, 69, Farmer, wife Margaret 71, children; James 50, Shoemaker. Jessie 28.
1881 Holm, Little Store-house; William Shearer, 78, Farmer 6 acres, wife Margaret 80, John Laughton, 31, Son in Law, Fisherman. Jennet Laughton, 38, Dau, General Servant (nee Shearer), John Laughton, 3, GrandSon.
1891 Holm, Store House; William Shearer, 88, Widower. Farmer. John Laughton, 41, Son in Law, Jessie Laughton, 45, Dau, Laughton grandsons John 12, William 10, James 6, David 3.
Shearer, William (I65298)
24294 William Shearer died on 29th December 1874 aged 75 in Holm - widower of Margaret Oddie
Father: David Shearer. Mother: Margaret Moss (Ellen)
Informant at death was William Shearer, nephew.
1841 Holm, Wilderness, age 40 farmer, wife Margaret 40, children; William 9, Margaret 5.
1851 Holm, Wilderness, age 51 Farmer 21 acres, wife Margaret 51, son William 19.
1861 Holm, Wilderness, age 61 farmer, wife Margaret 62, son William 29 Ploughman, Margaret Shearer, Dau in Law, Dairymaid,
William Shearer 5, GrandSon, John Shearer, 3, GrandSon, Margaret Shearer, GrandDau, Peter Shearer, GrandSon, (3 months).
1871 Holm, Wilderness, age 71 Widower, Farmer, son William 39 Ploughman, Margaret Shearer, 39 Dau in Law,
William Shearer, 14, GrandSon, John Shearer, 12, GrandSon, Margaret G Shearer, 11, GrandDau, Peter Shearer, 10, GrandSon, David Shearer, 6, GrandSon, Andrew Shearer, 4, GrandSon, Edward Shearer, (M), 2, GrandSon. 
Shearer, William (I17690)
24295 William Shearer, b: 25 May 1833 source:
Birth of William Shearer (M), 1833-05-25, Holm
Son of William SHEARER & Margaret EUNSON
[OPR Birth: 1833-019-00-20-p009-05]
Shearer, William (I77619)
24296 William Simpson died on 19/11/1872 aged 97 at White House, Flotta - widower of Barbara Rosie
Father: William Simpson. Mother: Hellen Swanson.
Informant: John Simpson, Nephew.
1841 Flotta, Caldhame; William Simpson, 65, Fisherman & Farmer, Barbara Simpson, 70.
1851 Flotta, Caldhame; William Simpson, 74, Farmer, Barbra 80,
1861 Flotta, Caldhame; William Simpson, 83, Widower. Fisherman & Crofter.
1871 Flotta, White House; William Simpson, 95, Widower. Fishing now invalid.
Flotta plot 19;
Erected by JOHN SIMPSON in memory of his father WILLIAM SIMPSON who died 19 Nov 1872 aged 97 years
Simpson, William (I78007)
24297 William Simpson died on 26/04/1874 at Millhouse, Rapness, Westray aged 75 - Married to Charlotte Sutherland.
Father: James Simpson. Mother: Elizabeth Manson.
Informant: William Mainland (Son-in-law).
1851 Firth, Blackmill; William Simpson, 50, Millwright & Carpenter, wife Charlotte 40, children; Elizabeth 13, John 8, William 5, Ann Jemima 2, n k (4 days).
1841 Eday, Swinstie; William Peace, 40, Farmer, Janet Peace, 40, children; Mary 15, William 13, Barbara 10, Janet 7, William Simpson, 40, Carpenter. James Harrold, 15 Carpenter.
1861 Westray, Millhouse; William Simpson, 60, Miller, wife Charlotte 51, children; William 14, Margaret 10.
1871 Westray, Millhouse; William Simpson, 70, Miller, wife Charlotte 60, daughter Margret 21, also John Hercus, 3, GrandSon.
Simpson, William (I43451)
24298 William Sinclair (age 21) & Mary Miller Foubister (age 22) married on 01/03/1900 in Edinburgh.
Grooms Father: William Sinclair. Mother: Annie Miller Fotheringham.
Brides Father: James Foubister. Mother: Jane Miller. 
Sinclair, William (I76905)
24299 William Sinclair (age 32) & Helen Flett (age 21) married on 21/03/1905 in Harray.
Grooms Father: Thomas Sinclair. Mother: Christina Dickson
Brides Father: Robert Flett. Mother: Elizabeth Corrigall 
Sinclair, William (I14909)
24300 William Sinclair (age 34) & Barbara Miller (age 30) married on 01/06/1895 in Eday.
Grooms Father: George Sinclair. Mother: Jane Wards.
Brides Father: James Miller. Mother: Jane Reid
St Olafs Cemetery (old section), Kirkwall row 3 plot 22;
In loving memory of BARBARA O MILLER beloved wife of WILLIAM SINCLAIR, Smerquoy, St Ola who died 1st March 1917 aged 52 years. Also the above WILLIAM SINCLAIR who died at the Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen 27th August 1931 aged 71 years. Also their daughters WILLIAMINA SINCLAIR who died 28th Jan 1981 aged 83 years. BETHIA SINCLAIR who died 18th May 1991 aged 88 years. 
Miller, Barbara Omand (I14671)

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