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Stockan, Peter (I11986)
Rendall, Robert (I30691)
Rendall, John (I51660)
Work, Jane (I57846)
Gunn, Emily (I60621)
Cochrane, James (I64208)
Brough, Magdalene (I64329)
David Murray (age 30) & Sadie Budge (age 22) married on 06/04/1916 in S Ronaldsay.
Grooms Father: James Murray. Mother: Betsy Louttit
Brides Father: John Budge. Mother: Catherine Mowat
St Michaels Kirk, Harray, c/3/21;
In ever loving memory of dear parents DAVID MURRAY died June 1975 aged 89 years also his beloved wife SADIE BUDGE died December 1975 aged 81 years and a dear sister CATHY died January 1939 aged 12 years. Quietly remembered. 
Murray, David (I65513)
Erected by LIZZIE M NORQUAY in memory of her husband HENRY NORQUAY died 22nd May 1945 aged 51. Also his parents HENRY NORQUAY died 13th March 1916 and BETSY CHRISTIE died at Quoyeden 16th Oct 1929. Also the above LIZZIE M NORQUAY died 6th Feb 1965 aged 75. 
Norquoy, Henry (I33681)
H. Sacred to the memory of THOMAS F HARCUS of Thorness Hill, Sanday who died 5th August 1974 aged 70 years, dearly beloved husband of MAGGIE L TULLOCH who died 2nd Feb 2000 aged 99 years. At rest. 
Harcus, Thomas (I26520)
HAY. In loving memory of JEMIMA JANE POTTINGER who died 30th October 2002 aged 97 beloved wife of the late JOHN ROBERT HAY who died in Fife 15th October 1980 aged 73. 
Pottinger, Jemima Jane (I43217)
In loving memory of JOHN GIBSON died 2 Mar 1938 aged 70 years and of his wife HELEN ROBINA TOWERS MILLER died 26 Oct 1940 aged 64 years and of their son JOHN ALEXANDER GIBSON, MA, died 4 Jan 1983 aged 76 years. 
Gibson, John (I43038)
In loving memory of MARGARET ANGUS who died 10th October 1897 aged 47 years. 
Angus, Margaret (I20122)
JOHN K BEWS, son of the late JOHN and LILLIAN BEWS, born 5th December 1924 died 30th September 2016. 
Kirkness, Lillian Emily (I60266)
St Magnus Cathedral Graveyard, Kirkwall, eb/1/34;
Erected by ROBERT GARDEN in memory of his mother BARBARA ALLAN who died at Kirkwall 8th June 1890 aged 79 years. ROBERT GARDEN, Merchant, born at Rayne, Aberdeenshire 15th August 1845 died at Kirkwall 4th September 1912. EDITH GARDEN, wife of ROBERT KEMP, and fourth daughter of the above ROBERT GARDEN, died at Woolston, Southampton 15th December 1913 aged 31 years. MARGARET JOLLY, wife of the above ROBERT GARDEN, born at Shapinsey 22nd April 1856 died at Kirkwall 18th May 1938. EVA MORRISON died Aberdeen 24-5-1982 aged 94 devoted daughter and last surviving member of the family of ROBERT and MARGARET GARDEN. 
Garden, Edith (I12396)
[Broken] In memory of THOMAS ANDERSON who died 4th October 1902 aged 82 years also his wife CATHERINE MOAR who died 7th October 1902 aged 77 years. 
Moar, Catherine (I28597)
17  Louttit, Isabella (I72)
18  Leslie, William (I4815)
19  Chalmers, Margaret Nicholson (I4875)
20  Stephen, Ann (I13262)
21  Lyall, William (I13944)
22  Miller, James (I18525)
23  Dearness, Margaret (I20258)
24  Garrioch, Archibald (I21727)
25  Gaudie, Peter Irvine (I25052)
26  Conn, Mary (I25737)
27  Spence, Margaret (I27660)
28  Louttit, John Flett (I29165)
29  Louttit, William (I29613)
30  Slater, Williamina Poll (I33216)
31  Gray, John (I34770)
32  Rendall, William (I35874)
33  Miller, James (I37976)
34  Farquhar, Elsie (I38208)
35  Pottinger, Christian (I47241)
36  Angel, William (I48255)
37  Miller, Helen Jane MacG (I50051)
38  Louttit, Margaret (I50674)
39  Marwick, William Reid (I51008)
40  Darke, Susannah (I51842)
41  Miller, Alexander (I53665)
42  Gibson, Robert (I53721)
43  Walter, James (I53832)
44 St Ola Family F11154
45 " He was the inaugural captain and coach of the Port Adelaide Football Team and their outstanding player, but sadly died suddenly in 1871 at the young age of 19 years." He was also the leading goal kicker for the Club. Wald, John (I31106)
46 "a pioneer in Luther Township located outside of Arthur, Ontario, Canada." Smith, William Hamilton (I41808)
47 "Another Butzbach migrant was Konrad Lemp and it was he who Susanna fell in love with and married in 1864. Though his parents had Nieder-Weisel-like names - Jakob Lemp and Susanna nee Heinz - there was no relationship between his family and Susanna's. Konrad Lemp had arrived in Victoria aboard "Undine" in 1855. Although he was a baker by profession, Konrad was working as a digger; he and Susanna went to Rocky Lead. There, Susanna gave birth to their daughter Alice Louise in June 1864. A son was born in 1866 and took the name of his godfather, Gernand Lemp, who was Konrad's brother. The Lemps then returned to Ballarat, as did the Schuld family, where they settled permanently. Susanna was kept busy during the next twelve years rearing three more sons and three daughters: Jakob in 1870; Catherine, 1871; Maria Susanna 1873; William 1875; Conrad Louis in 1878 and, finally, Lily Susanna in 1880."
Note that above, a Gernand Lemp is given as Konrad's brother. There is also a G Lemp, labelled" nephew" who was a pallbearer at Konrad Lemp's funeral.

LEMP C 21 JAN 1855 UNDINE F 029 007. The Undine sailed from Hamburg on 12th September 1854, and arrived in Melbourne on 15th January 1855. The Undine had on board 110 passengers, all with German names.
Mrs R. Thompson. of Hesse street, sustained a. severe loss by the death of her father, Mr C. Lemp, of Geelong Rd., Ballarat
East. Deceased arrived in the colonies in the 50's, sailing in the ship, "Undine" after an eventful passage. He was engineer by profession, but of late carried on business as a baker, being known as the French Bakery. He was 80 years old at his death and had been 70 years a colonist. He leaves a grown up family of 3 daughters and 5 sons, the two youngest at present fighting in France, as well as 5 grand children, all of whom
have been away since Sept., 1914. The deceased was in Ballarat during the Eureka Riot.
Conrad Lemp; Birth Year: abt 1839, Age: 79, Death Place: Ballarat, Victoria, Father's name: Lemp Jacob, Mother's name: Susannah Heinz
Registration Year: 1918, Registration Place: Victoria, Registration Number: 3797
The Ballarat Star Tuesday 18th June 1918; OBITUARY. - Lemp. - The funeral-of the late. Mr Conrad Lemp, of the Geelong road, took place yesterday, and the large and representative gathering of friends fully testified the respect and esteem in which the deceased was held. His re
mains were interred in the New Cemetery. 
Lemp, Conrad (I51514)
48 "Charles Still Louttit Millar B.E.M., was born on August the 6th 1935 at Shortie in Evie in the Orkney Islands, he passed away at 10:15am on December 29th 2006 in Macmillan House in Kirkwall. He was surrounded by his wife and children. He was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in July 2006, unfortunately dad rejected chemotherapy so his only hope was radiotherapy which they couldn't give forever. Dad's idea was to eat as much as was possible, feeding the cancer so it couldn't feed on him. If only it had worked, I wouldn't feel as lost as I do at this time.
At the time of his retirement his occupation was Superintendent of Burial Grounds, he had to keep working until he was 66 because nobody could do what he had done, the burial grounds were only a small part of his job. Dad had worked his way up through Kirkwall Town Council and Orkney Islands Council, he knew all that needed to be known about his Orkney. His final job was as Clerk to the Holm Graveyard which had him out marking graves in blizzards and bright sunshine.
Dad was called up in 1954 to do his National Service and was stationed in Egypt with the Royal Horse Artillery taking part in the Suez Crisis, his two years National Service made him who he was.
On returning to Orkney he found employment difficult so then crossed the Pentland Firth to build the Dounreay Nuclear Plant, he rose to foreman before the dome was finished.
He was working in Longhope when his second love came in to his life, the Royal British Legion, which he joined in 1958. His love for the Royal British Legion lasted a lifetime, he was in the Colour Party, the Earl Haig Association where he became chairman and his very final post for them was as chairman of the Kirkwall Branch an appointment that made him very proud. Dad was very hurt when he asked me to write a letter of resignation for him, it was as if he had decided that he had no chance of recovering, the cancer had won.
My dad married Margaret Harrold in St Magnus Cathedral on August 11th 1961. They went on to have three children Eoin in 1963, Agnes in 1967 and Heather in 1968 this completed their family. Dad also loved his grandchildren, Chrystall, Kylie, Nicholas and Ellen, they meant the world to him. Dad was one of eight children Rita, Ralph, Doreen, Frankie, Mabel, Thelma, then came dad, John and last but by no means least Kenny.
In 1966 dad started his connection with HMS Royal Oak, he knew all that he could about her loss in Orkney waters, which made her part of the place he loved. The first Memorial Service he attended was on 14th October 1966, the last one he attended was exactly 40 years later on 14th October 2006. We all wondered where he got the strength from for that last special weekend but as dad always said "I am never alone, even when i'm on my own" definitely something was helping him. Dad wanted to do everything that weekend especially the fact that he was to conduct a service over the wreck for the Falklands war hero, Simon Weston, the service became more special because for the very first time in forty years he saw the wreck in all it's splendour. Simon Weston said "I have come here once and seen the Royal Oak yet a man who has been in this spot for forty years has seen it for the first time. He shed a few tears that day, it was as if H.M.S Royal Oak was saying it's own goodbye to my dad. Dad took many families and survivors out for a service over the wreck, then back to the house for tea and sandwiches to warm them up. Each one of those visitors became part of our extended family sending letters, cards and phone calls from all corners of the world.
Dad sang baritone in St Magnus Cathedral choir for forty years, he was an elder with the church for the same forty years and was a founder member of the Friends of St Magnus. Dad looked great in his town crier uniform which doubled as his halberdier uniform, no doubt he wore many other jackets. There were jackets he always wore to do certain things, they didn't change the man inside the jacket, he was always my dad.
Dad was awarded the British Empire Medal in the Queen's New Years Honours List for services to Orkney in 1991 but the honour that meant the world to him was in 2005 when he was voted Orkney Citizen of the Year by the people of Orkney and further afield, with worldwide votes for a hugely popular man.
Everything dad did was done with 100% effort, he loved the sound of pipes and on Saturday nights he would be on Kirkwall's Broad Street with a bucket collecting for Kirkwall City Pipe Band. Dad could get any person to give a donation from the smallest of child to the oldest man or woman, nobody got away from him. At his Memorial Service on 6th January 2007 pipe band members past and present gathered to pay tribute to their biggest fan. They did you proud dad, i'm sure you saw them all.
Dad lived by the Legion motto, Service not Self, but he also had his own motto: Good people are scarce. Well dad, the day you went we lost the best of all those good people, nobody comes close. The mould you came from is broken and nothing will fix it." 
Millar, Charles Still Loutitt (I25146)
49 "James was in Australia for a time. He later returned to Rousay where he was a sub-tenant on Outerdykes. He gave evidence against the laird, General Burroughs, at a hearing on the Napier Commission set up in 1883 to look at the condition of crofters in the Highlands and Islands. For doing so, the laird evicted him from Outerdykes. He obtained accomodation at Mount Pleasant in Frotoft on land outwith Burroughs's control." (Courtesy of Robert Marwick's website Rousay Roots) Grieve, James (I38009)
50 "Mrs J P Rendall - Mrs Caroline Rendall, 90, who died at 7:30 pm Sunday at the Titusville Hospital, had been in comparatively good health until she suffered a light stroke about 2:30 am Saturday. She was taken to the hospital at that time. She had stayed with Mr and Mrs Charles Weldon of Grand Valley for the past two years. Born Feb 2, 1867, in Rome Township, she was a daughter of Jacob and Magdaline Sandel Kunz. She was married to James P Rendall in the Rometown United Presbyterian Church on June 6, 1904. He died Jan 20, 1937. Mrs Rendall lived in the Rome Township community on the family homestead after the death of her husband until 1944, when she went to live with relatives in this district. Later she went to Wilmington, Del, where she made her home for five years with a nephew, Arthur J Matteson. In May of 1955, she went to Grand Valley to live with the Weldons. She was a member of the Vroman Ladies Aid and the United Presbyterian Church there. She leaves two brothers, Jesse E Kunz of Cloverdale (Titusville, RD 1), and Harry A Kunz of Little Cooley, and several nieces and nephews. Friends may call at the Arnold Funeral Home...The body will be taken to the Rometown United Presbyterian Church on Wednesday to be on view from 1:30 to 2:30 pm, when the funeral service will be held. Rev Lewis Evert, former pastor of that church, will officiate. Interment will be in the Covenanter Cemetery in Rome Township."
(Titusville Herald, April 2, 1957, p.5)
Kunz, Caroline (I60951)

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