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17101 witnesses to baptism were James Louttit and his son Edward. Louttit, Betsy (I8039)
17102 witnesses to baptism were; "James Louttit senior and Magnus his son". Louttit, James (I14689)
17103 witnesses to baptism were; "Thomas Louttit Elder and James his son". Louttit, Cecilia (I50339)
17104 witnesses to baptism were; James Louttit senior and his son Magnus. Louttit, Jane Sutherland (I32620)
17105 witnesses to baptism were; James Louttit senior and Magnus Louttit. Louttit, William (I11105)
17106 witnesses to baptism were; John & David Louttit.
1871 West End South Ronaldsay age 43 Fisherman, wife Jessie 40, children; Jemima 13, George 11, William 9, Margaret A 6, Isabella 4, David (Daniel) B 2.
1881 West End South Ronaldsay age 53 Fisherman, wife Jessie 50, children; Isabella 14, Daniel B 12, Magnus B 8, Jessie Elizabeth 4.
1891 Burnside South Ronaldsay age 63 Carpenter, wife Jessie 60, daughter Jessie Lizzie 14.
1901 West End South Ronaldsay age 73 Retired Carpenter, wife Jessie70, daughter Jessie E 24.
St Peters, S Ronaldsay - North Parish b/29/34;
To the memory of JOHN LOUTTIT born 8th June 1827 died 28th Nov 1904, JESSIE BUDGE his wife born 21st March 1831 died 20th April 1921. Their second son GEORGE died at Cairo 29th July 1883 aged 23 years. Their eldest son JOHN died at Pretoria 12th Oct 1908 aged 53 years. Their third son WILLIAM died at Durban 17th Dec 1915 aged 53 years. Their eldest daughter JEMIMA BUDGE died 15th Mar 1932 aged 74 years. Peace, perfect peace. 
Louttit, John (I7828)
17107 witnesses to baptism were; Magnus & John Louttit. Louttit, Magnus (I46963)
17108 witnesses to Catherine marriage were John Miller and Capt. E Andrews. Sinclair, Capt. John (I17281)
17109 witnesses to marriage were George PARK and George WOOLDRAGE.
1841 Harold Street South Ronaldsay age 50 fisher, wife Elizabeth 35, children; Robert 11, Mary 8, David 5, Sarah 2.
1851 Button South Ronaldsay age 60 Farmer of 12 acres, wife Elizabeth 40, children; Sarah 12, Barbara 6, David 4, Jane 10 months.
1861 Henrylesquoy South Ronaldsay age 72 Fisherman & Farmer of 12 acres, wife Elizabeth 50, children; David 14, Jane 11, John 9, grandson David 1.
1871 Sabastipool South Ronaldsay age 84 Farmer 12 acres, wife Betsy 60, son John 18 fisherman, grandchildren; David 12, Elizabeth 9. 
Wooldrage, Robert (I31412)
17110 Witnesses to Marriage: David SUTHERLAND, Hugh HOSSACK. Hossack, Mary (I5820)
17111 Witnesses were his sister Ann and her new husband George “Day” Littlechild. Littlechild, William (I14692)
17112 Witnesses: Robert Sinclair, Jessie Russell Thomson. Samuel from Evie; parents John Thomson & Jessie Russell (dec). Maria from Swona; parents George Allan & Ann Flett Thomson, Samuel (I58113)
17113 Wm Angus Tait, Birth Year: abt 1850, Age: 55, Death Place: Melbourne, Victoria, Father's name: Tait Wm Brass, Mother's name: Isabella Clouston
Registration Year: 1905, Registration Place: Victoria, Registration Number: 2563
William Angus Tait, Spouse Name: Margaret Brown Cunningham, Marriage Place: Victoria
Registration Place: Victoria, Registration Year: 1880, Registration Number: 2036 
Tait, William Angus (I35188)
17114 Wm Craigie Wood, Birth Year: abt 1893, Age: 58, Death Place: Cohuna, Victoria, Father's name: Trumbland Wm, Mother's name: Jemiha Forsetter Scarth, Registration Year: 1951, Registration Place: Victoria, Registration Number: 20672.
The Argus Melbourne Sat 14th July 1951 WOOD.- On July 9, at Bonnie Brae, Cohuna, William Craigie, beloved husband of Gladys, devoted
father of Jean, Charlie, Betty, and Alan. Peace, perfect peace. Orcadian (Orkney Islands, Scotland) please copy 
Wood, William Craigie (I22667)
17115 Wm Drever, Birth Year: abt 1855, Age: 71, Death Place: Sebastopol, Victoria, Father's name: Robt Drever, Mother's name: Elen Roycroft
Registration Year: 1926, Registration Place: Victoria, Registration Number: 15831 
Drever, William (I4256)
17116 Wm Evans Spouse Name: Mary Markwell Marriage Place: Victoria Reg Place: Victoria Reg Year: 1884 Reg Number: 7188
This, below, might be William's death ; but if it is, it is not in the Australian Death Index : The Australasian (Melbourne, Vic. : 1864 - 1946) Saturday 10 June 1905; Regret was felt, especially in shipping circles, at the announcement of the sudden death at his residence, 21 Canterbury-road, Albert-park, of Mr. William Russell Evans, manager of the Bay Excursion Company. Mr. Evans, who practically died in harness, was well known by sight to all "trippers" on the Ozone. He was born in South Wales in 1839, arrived in Melbourne in 1864, and three months afterwards was appointed manager of the Western Steam Navigation Company, at Warrnambool. During the time he held office he went to England to
supervise the building of the steamers Otway and Nelson. In 1882 he became manager of the Port Phillip Company, now known as the Bay Excursion Company. Mr. Evans, who was married twice, leaves a widow and three children. 
Evans, William (I41622)
17117 Wm Foubister Spouse Name: Matilda Hemphill Marriage Place: Victoria Registration Place: Victoria Registration Year: 1890 Reg Number: 8209
Name: Matda Foubister Birth Year: abt 1868 Age: 34 Death Place: Rochford, Victoria Father's name: Hemphill Jas
Mother's name: Violet Hamilton Registration Year: 1902 Registration Place: Victoria Registration Number: 11462 
Hemphill, Matilda (I50128)
17118 Wm Francis Rendall, Birth Date: Abt 1910, Birth Place: Melbourne, Victoria, Registration Year: 1910, Registration Place: Victoria, Australia
Father: Geo Rendall, Mother: Cath Ginnivan, Registration Number: 29105
The Argus Melbourne Thursday 18th August 1938, RENDALL.-On the 17th August, at Austin Hospital. William Francis, dearly beloved only son of Catherine Rendall of 1 Boundary road, North Coburg and the late George Rendall, devoted brother of Annie (Mrs. Quill) and Patricia, aged 27 years. Requiescat in pace. 
Rendall, William Francis (I15626)
17119 Wm Hy Foubister Death Place: Romsey, Victoria Father's name: Wm Mother's name: Matilda Hemphill Registration Year: 1894 Registration Place:
Victoria Registration Number: 3720 
Foubister, William Henry (I3523)
17120 Wm Irvine
Birth Year: abt 1833
Age: 63
Death Place: Majorca, Victoria
Father's name: Irvine Wm
Mother's name: Mary Irvine
Registration Year: 1896
Registration Place: Victoria
Registration Number: 14048 
Irvine, William (I35211)
17121 Wm Jas Drever Spouse Name: Mary Alice Clare Marriage Place: Victoria Registration Place: Victoria Reg Year: 1900 Reg Number: 3895
Alice Mary Clare Birth Date: Abt 1882 Birth Place: Eddington, Victoria Registration Year: 1882 Registration Place: Victoria, Australia
Father: Peter Clare Mother: Mary Edhouse Registration Number: 16274
( The 'Eddington' is meant to read "Flemington" where her brothers and sisters were born. )
Alice Mary Drever Birth Year: abt 1882 Age: 68 Death Place: Footscray, Victoria Father's name: Peter Clare Mother's name: Hary Edhouse
Registration Year: 1950 Registration Place: Victoria Registration Number: 11565 
Clare, Mary Alice (I48832)
17122 Wm Jas Fedra Drever Birth Date: Abt 1901 Birth Place: Footscray, Victoria Registration Year: 1901 Registration Place: Victoria, Australia
Father: Wm Jas Drever Mother: Alice Mary Clare Registration Number: 3361
William James Fe Drever Birth Year: abt 1901 Age: 64 Death Place: Footscray, Victoria Father's name: Jame Williah Mother's name: Alice Mary Clare Registration Year: 1965 Registration Place: Victoria Registration Number: 27257 
Drever, William James Fedra (I9392)
17123 Wm Jas Gibson Birth Date: Abt 1902 Birth Place: Benambra, Victoria Registration Year: 1902 Registration Place: Victoria, Australia
Father: Jas Gibson Mother: Eliza Hamilton Registration Number: 756 
Gibson, William James (I42910)
17124 Wm Jno Symonds, Birth Year: abt 1864, Age: 61, Death Place: Ballarat, Victoria, Father's name: Wm Symonds, Mother's name: Isbla Sinclair
Registration Year: 1925, Registration Place: Victoria, Registration Number: 183.
The Argus Melbourne Monday 2nd Feb 1925, SYMONDS-On the 31st January 1925 at 206, Doveton street, South Ballarat, William John late of Cotfield Bena South Gippsland, eldest son of the late William and Isabella Symonds of Lyons street Ballarat loved brother of Elizabeth, Bella (deceased) Kitty (Mrs Ellis) Veen, (Mrs Lemp) Thomas and J. G. Symonds deceased) aged 61 years. 
Symonds, William John (I37093)
17125 Wm Moar Birth Year: abt 1852 Age: 64 Death Place: Northcote, Victoria Father's name: Moar Jas Mother's name: Janet Fleet
Registration Year: 1916 Registration Place: Victoria Registration Number: 15663
Name: William Moar Spouse Name: Agnes Elliott Marriage Place: Victoria Reg Place: Victoria Reg Year: 1877 Reg Number: 4266
The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Saturday 29 October 1921 IN MEMORIAM. MOAR.-In loving memory of my dear husband, William Moar, who departed this life 29th October, 1916, at St. David street, Northcote, One of the best. Loved by all. (Inserted by his loving wife, Agnes Moar.) 
Moar, William (I21101)
17126 Wm Ross Irvine, Birth Year: abt 1823, Age: 68, Death Place: Bdale, Victoria, Father's name: Peter, Mother's name: Isabella Linklater,
Registration Year: 1891, Registration Place: Victoria, Registration Number: 13098 
Irvine, William Ross (I27110)
17127 Wm Skea Foubister Spouse Name: Agnes Mary Haslett Marriage Place: Victoria Reg Place: Victoria Reg Year: 1904 Reg Number: 1204
Advocate Melbourne Thursday 17th Jan. 1929; MR. WILLIAM FOUBISTER. Mr. William Foubister passed away at the age of 62 years on December 14. The Lancefield district is the poorer by his demise, and his wife and family have lost a true friend. The late Mr. Foubister, who was greatly respected throughout the district, had resided for over 30 years at Rochford. He was born at the Orkney Islands, where he spent his early life. In addition to his widow, deceased leaves a grown-up family of four daughters; one daughter having passed away some three years ago. He also leaves two step-daughters and one step-son. A lengthy cortege followed his remains to the Cemetery, where the Rev. Fr. Flynn conducted a
most impressive service at the graveside. R.I.P. 
Foubister, William Skea (I42948)
17128 Wm Wright Birth Year: abt 1831 Age: 66 Death Place: Bridgewater, Victoria Father's name: Wm Wright Mother's name: Jane Harvey
Registration Year: 1897 Registration Place: Victoria Registration Number: 7994
Weekly Times (Melbourne, Vic. : 1869 - 1954) Saturday 2 October 1897 The will of William Wright, of Bridgewater, farmer, has been lodged for probate. Testator leaves property worth L11,500 to his wife and family.
The Australasian (Melbourne, Vic. : 1864 - 1946) Saturday 2 October 1897 Mr. William Wright, late of Blackwood Farm, Bridgewater, farmer, who died on the 1st ult., left a will dated August 10, 1896 bequeathing his property to his widow and children. Value of realty. £10,580: personalty, £949. 
Wright, William (I864)
17129 Wm Yorston, Birth Year: abt 1879, Age: 57, Death Place: Heidelberg, Victoria, Father's name: Wm Yorston, Mother's name: Annie Maria Marwick
Registration Year: 1936, Registration Place: Victoria, Registration Number: 8891
Wm Thomas Sinclair Yorston, 1879 Collingwood, Victoria William Yorston, Anne Maria Marwick 
Yorston, William Thomas Sinclair (I44228)
17130 Wolseley Street Allan, Hannah (Annie) (I3175)
17131 Wolverton Hospital Baker, George (I37847)
17132 WWI Record; Service Number; R2185, Rank; Driver, date of embarkation; 22nd Dec 1916 Melbourne, Ship; HMAT Persic A34.
Another date of embarkation was 22nd Dec 1914 aboard HMAT Ceramic?
Also 28th Nov 1914 enlisted as Sawyer 300 Mechanical Transport (ASC17), Divisional Supply Column (9ASC)
O Croy appears on the Allendale State School World War Honours Board. 
Croy, Ormond (I13036)
17133 Wyre Kirkyard, Rousay plot 26;
Erected in affectionate remembrance of Annie Louttit beloved wife of John Mainland who died Jany. 22nd 1893 aged 29 years. "Home at last thy labour done: safe and blest the victory won." 
Louttit, Ann Marwick (I30666)
17134 Wyre, Rousay plot 15;
In memory of DAVID GIBSON, lawful son of GEORGE GIBSON and ANN MAINLAND, who died in Jany 1844 aged 19 years. 
Gibson, David (I39296)
17135 Wyre, Rousay, plot 19;
In memory of HUGH WOOD who died Aug 1 1861 aged 27 years. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord. Also his brother WILLIAM WOOD who died May 18th 1884 aged 42 years, beloved husband of MARGARET ROBERTSON. 
Wood, Hugh (I4122)
17136 XII 54 Dowling, Thomas Tayspill (I12466)
17137 XII 59 Dowling, Edward Jackson (I19601)
17138 Yangon (formerly known as Rangoon) is the largest city in Myanmar (formerly Burma). Johnston, William Petrie Couper (I4928)
17139 Yates Close Nicol, Alexander (I46285)
17140 You can see quite a lot on the website below ( written by a currently alive Australian historian, Marjorie R. Theobold ) about Susannah Darke Purbrick's life as a school teacher in Launceston. She had quite a career,
She also ( appparently ) brought out to Tasmania her two younger siblings, Sarah and William Purbrick, after both their parents died.
Her school in Launceston at Carr Villa was situated where the " Carr Villa Cemetery" was eventually built.
The school's history properly begins when Hannah Maria Davice, Elinor Binfield and a young apprentice teacher, Susannah Darke Purbrick, a relative of Davice, arrived in Hobart from England aboard the Berwick in June 1823. According to their advertisements they had been running a school in England. It is apparent that ...
Weekly Examiner (Launceston, Tas.) Saturday 25 October 1873; KNIGHT -On the 17th October, 1873, at Carr Villa, Launceston, In the 67th year of: her age, Susannah Darke, relict of the late Mr. John Knight. Her end was emphatically "peace." 
Purbrick, Susannah Darke (I34669)
17141 Young Street Taylor Fea, Elizabeth (Bessie) Hepburn (I59677)
17142 youngest son. Louttit, Thomas (I43622)
17143 Ypres Bias, John Victor (I43695)
17144 Zelda's Death :
Morwell Advertiser Thursday 2nd March 1950, Obituary., MRS. ZELDA TULLOCH, THE death occurred on February 16th last, at her home in Essendon, of Mrs. Zelda Tulloch, formerly of Morwell, at the age of 73. Third daughter of the late Robert and Grace Porter, the deceased was born at Maryvale Park and was educated at the Morwell State School. Following her marriage to Mr. Robert Tulloch, she resided in Morwell until taking up residence some thirty years ago at Essendon. She is survived by a husband, two sons, Bruce and John, and one daughter, Merle; one son, Ormond, was killed in action in World War II. 
Porter, Mary Zilder (I16280)
17145 [IGI/OPR Index: 1829-021] [Microfiche OPR 21/7 at Kirkwall Archives including Kirkwall & St Ola marriages 1820-1854]: Richard Hay of Lady parish and Anne SLATER of Kirkwall; contracted 17th April; married 14 May 1846; Rev. Wm. LOGIE; Witnesses Wm GUTHRIE and John SPENCE.
Informant at death was: William Hay (step son). 
Slater, Anne (I30816)

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