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201 17 children listed? Anderson, John Henry (I44987)
202 17 Citadel Kay, Williamina Rendall or (I46510)
203 17 Ewhurst Rd Brighton is shown as address for Army Pay. Demob. Rhine 27/02/20 rank of gunner in Royal Garrison Artillery. 14/11/17 absent without leave for 18 hours. Original occupation wagon painter. Height 5ft 6ins. Littlechild, Theodore Reginald (I7684)
204 17 mar 1854 Liverpool,
13 Jun 1854 Melbourne, Australia; Arrived on the Admiral Boxer from Scotland with husband Alexander and infant daughter Isabella. 
Glass, Alexander (I14736)
205 1710 Anna Graham, eldest daughter to decd Duncan Graham, sometime merchant,Sromness. Anna Louttit was her niece and second daughter to John Louttit of Lyking and Margaret Graham, Anna's sister. Duncan was an illegitimate son of John Graham, the first Laird of Brecknessa and son of George Graham,Bishop of Orkney.Through the Grahams and their connections most of the Orkney gentry could be pulled in.
Did Margaret Graham marry Hary Louttit later (possible brother of John Louttit) and the two daughters Margaret & Ann are half sisters to the three sons of John Louttit? 
Graham, Margaret (I14056)
206 1747 Nov 21st; David Coupland, tenant in Birstan & Margaret Tait both in this congregation, were contracted in order to marriage, were married Dec 31st by Mr William Nisbet Minister of Firth & Stenness. Copland, David (I44770)
207 1750, Gunner John Victor Bias; 1st Brigade Ammunition Column AIFKIA - 21st July, 1917;
Private John Victor Bias, killed in action, whose photograph appeared last week, after being educated at Dounby and Birsay public schools, was employed by some farmers in his native parish of Birsay. He then served an apprenticeship to shoemaking with Mr Oag, Dounby, to whom he was afterwards vanman. Subsequently he managed the branch of Mr Irvings boot store in Finstown. He went to Sydney, Australia eight years ago, and was in the employ of the Government when war broke out. He volunteered for active service in September 1914, and came to Gallipoli in the A.S.C, in which corps he attained the rank of sergeant. He resigned this rank, however, for the purpose of getting into the A.F.A. as a gunner. After eight months service in Gallipoli he was drafted to France, where he was wounded; and was treated in an English hospital. He was home for a few days in October 1916. After rejoining his battery he was in France until he was suddenly killed at Ypres on 21st July last. A comrade writes; He was a great favourite and was held in high esteem by officers and men. Victor was a staunch Good Templar and was for some time C.T. of the Birsay lodge. J.Victor Bias was the second son of Mr and Mrs Thomas Bias, Flaws, Birsay. Their eldest son, Lieut. J. W. Bias is in the Royal Naval Reserve. 
Bias, John Victor (I43730)
208 1769
It is delated that Isabel Swordy a young woman in Quoyhorry is with child she is ordered to be summoned to next diet of Session.
With respect to the citation of Isabel Swordy, the Minister acquainted the members of the Session confession with that Nicol Harper a young lad in Fea had come to the manse and owned himself to be the father Swordy of the said Isobel Swordy her child and faithfully promised that they should both appear and enter satisfaction as the Session pleased first preaching Sabbath and pay their penalty. This day Nicol Harper and Isabel Swordy being at the Church called compeared and gave absolved & publick profession of their repentance were rebuked and seriously exhorted and absolved from penalty paid the censure of the Church and paid of penalty nine shillings sterling money.
1770 Nicol Harpers marriage money was paid. 
Swordie, Isobel (I1018)
209 1769; This day was a complaint given in write by George Irvine in Quaquoy against Magnus Louttit in the complaint qtra same town of Marwick bearing that Magnus Louttit said to him thou was never honest in thy life Louttit nor thy father before thy day, the witnesses are John Mowat in Cowperhouse Thomas Flait in Quoylonga and Thomas Breck in Gairsty the Officer is appointed to summond Magnus Louttit and witnesses against next Session day.
1777 This day was paid by John Mowat in Couperhouse 1 pound scots of marriage money.
July 1781; This day being given in by John Mowat in Coupars in Marwick that upon the 1st instant being Sabbath evening going home from the ale in Breck in the Barony between it and Marwick George Harvey in Steggaquoy attacked him and beat him very sore Harvey being confronted with him before the Session denyed the same It is referred untill the witnesses be charged viz David Mowat in Breck, John Moar in Nearhouse, George Huntow in Muse and Robert Stensgarth to see what light they can give in this matter. 
Mowat, John (I43342)
210 1772 William Hourston late tenant in Bannoclat an elder in Sandwick removed to Kirbuster, was accepted as a church elder in Birsay.
Note; Bannoclat is really Benzieclett.
1779 William's brother John died.
1785 William's mother died.
1788 George Spence married Catherine Hourston,Kirbuster.
1799 James Corrigall,Corrigall Harray married Ann Hourston,Kirbuster.
1802 William Hourston,Kirbuster died.
1809 George Hourston,Kirbuster married Mary Moar,Boardhouse.
1826 William Hourston Kirbuster died.
1836 Hugh Hourston,Kirbuster died.
1836 Mary Moar,gudewife of Kirbuster died.
1837 George Hourston,Kirbuster died.
1839 Ann Hourston Kirbuster died.
William Hourston of Lyking sold to Robertson of Stromness. It also stated that William Hourston was then residing at Burgar(Evie). 
Hourston, William (I7020)
211 1774; Byas rebuked; This day Alexander Byas and his wife Margt Mowat compeared and was rebuked, exhorted and absolved from the censure of the Church for their sin of antinuptial fornication.
1775; Byas & Mowat Moreover delivered to Alexander Byas one pound scots of his forfeited pawn money and also gave back one pound scots to John Mowat of his forfeited pawn, but is ordered and enacted by the Session not to be continued as a rule in time coming.
March 21st 1787 The Session proceeded to look in the state of the poors funds, and their poor, when the following sums were distributed amongst the poor; Alexander Byas relict 1-6 
Bias, Alexander (I15063)
212 1780 Mr George Low Minister 1780 ;Spar to ye north There was 4sh sterling given to John Hercus in Boardhouse for a large spar to strengthen and loft support the North loft.
1783 Mr George Low Minister 1 This day was paid the mortcloth money of John Hercus in Boardhouse. 
Harcus, John (I34361)
213 17th June 1870 qualified as second mate.
1881 11 Citadel Street Leith North, Midlothian age 42 Sailor, wife Sinclairina 35, children; Isabella 9, James 5, Margaret Ann 3, William J 10 months, sister Margaret Morsley 39 b Thurso. 
Louttit, William Traill (I36039)
214 18 Aug 1848;
Plymouth, England to Port Phillip, Victoria, Australia Immigrated from Plymouth, England on the 'Cheapside' with his parents John and Mary, brothers Robert and George and baby sister Anne.
1865 Victoria, Australia to Ross, Westland, New Zealand Gold rush occurred in Ross in 1865.
Ross, Westland, New Zealand Plot 2, Block 9. Buried with two of his children. 
Hedge, James Henry (I15512)
215 18 Carmichael Street Flett, Jemima Jane Mary Stevenson (I47250)
216 18 June 1929 - Dundee Courier - Dundee, Angus, Scotland BOATING PARTY OVERWHELMED One of the worst boating accidents in the history of the Orkney Islands. Five people were drowned, all relatives.
It is known that in the boat were: Thomas Rendall, Pierowall, Westray. John Rendall, Brough, Westray, his brother. Maggie Ann, aged 18, daughter of Thomas Rendall. Maggie, aged 17, daughter of John Rendall, Mary Foulis aged 30, a sister in law of the Rendalls.
Informant at death was brother Sinclair Foulis. Also Sinclair Foulis was informant to niece Maggie Ann Rendall's death. 
Foulis, Mary (I24948)
217 18 June 1929 - Dundee Courier - Dundee, Angus, Scotland BOATING PARTY OVERWHELMED One of the worst boating accidents in the history of the Orkney Islands. Five people were drowned, all relatives.
It is known that in the boat were: Thomas Rendall, Pierowall, Westray. John Rendall, Brough, Westray, his brother. Maggie Ann, aged 18, daughter of Thomas Rendall. Maggie, aged 17, daughter of John Rendall, Mary Foulis aged 30, a sister in law of the Rendalls. 
Rendall, Maggie Foulis (I9465)
218 18 June 1929 - Dundee Courier - Dundee, Angus, Scotland BOATING PARTY OVERWHELMED One of the worst boating accidents in the history of the Orkney Islands. Five people were drowned, all relatives.
It is known that in the boat were: Thomas Rendall, Pierowall, Westray. John Rendall, Brough, Westray, his brother. Maggie Ann, aged 18, daughter of Thomas Rendall. Maggie, aged 17, daughter of John Rendall, Mary Foulis aged 30, a sister in law of the Rendalls. 
Rendall, Maggie Ann (I48937)
219 1819, 16 June-Sept. on "Eddystone" to Moose Factory.
1819-1821 Labourer £15 Osnaburgh Moose.
1821-1823 Middleman £15 Albany Moose.
1823 Discharged home on Eddystone.
Parents: Robert and Jean Comlaquoy, Siblings: Robert Katharine (m. John Johnston, March 1820) Mary, Nicol.
1841 Palace Birsay age 45, wife Ann 40, children; Robert 15, Andrew 15, Ann 11, Janet 7, Alexander 4.
1851 Cleatfurrows Birsay age 50 Farmer 19 acres, wife Annie 55, children; Andrew 24 Post Runner, Anne 21, Janet 17, Alexander 14, Thomas 8.
Palace, Birsay plot 327;
In memory of ALEXR COMLOQUOY farmer Birsay who died Jany 8th 1861 aged 67 years. Also his wife ANN LINKLATER died Septr 25th 1874 aged 77 years and ALEXR their son died 5 months old. 
Comloquoy, Alexander (Sandy) (I7193)
220 1820 Free Grammar School, Colchester, Essex, England.
1825 Apprenticeship in printing, Colchester, Essex, England
1830 Established and led the first Sunday School in Launceston; member of the town's Bible Society.
1837 Owned and operated the Launceston Advertiser.
1853 became mayor of Launceston.
Mercury Hobart Thursday 22 October 1874; Mr. Henry Dowling, of Hatherley, Launceston, is appointed a Coroner of Tasmania and its dependencies.
The eldest son, Henry Dowling junior (1810-1885), printer, publisher, bank manager and philanthropist, was born at Gloucester, and educated at the Free Grammar School, Colchester. He arrived in Hobart in September 1830, and was employed at the Hobart Town Courier office under James Ross. He soon went to Launceston, joined the Advertiser owned by John Pascoe Fawkner and in 1831 became its editor and publisher. On 10 February 1832 he opened Launceston's first Sunday school with five boys and three girls at St John's Church. There on 6 November 1833 he married Eliza Tayspill, newly arrived from Colchester; they had seven sons and three daughters.
Launceston Examiner Fri 18th Sept 1885, Mr. Dowling had come to Tasmania to see whether an opening could not be made for the whole family, and in 1834 his father and mother and the rest of their family followed him. A Baptist congregation was established, and the present church in York-street erected of which the Rev. Mr. Dowling was pastor till his death. The only surviving brothers of Mr. Henry Dowling are Thomas and Robert, the former being proprietor of the Jelellabad station, in Victoria, and the latter the famous artist, now resident in Melbourne, specimens of
whose ability adorn the Launceton Mechanics' Institute. The sole surviving sister is Mrs. R. Palliser, of Launceston, another sister, Mrs. Waller, having been lost with her husband and family at Sydney Heads, in the Dunbar, in 1857.
He married in 1833 a Miss Tayspill, a native of Colchester, who came out to Launceston at his desire, and who only died some sixteen months ago. He leaves five surviving sons and three daughters. Of the sons Mr. Henry is resident in Melbourne, Messrs. Thomas and Edward in
New Zealand, and Messrs. Leonard (Assistant Engineer of Government Railways) and William A. Dowling in Launceston. The three daughters; Mrs. Fountain Barber, Mrs. Brind, and Mrs. Chas. Dowling, are all resident in Victoria.
Examiner Launceston Sat 16th March 1940; Sons of Henry Dowling (born 1810), all born at "Hatherly." High-street, Launceston, were John Tayspill, born 1834; Henry Palliser, born 1835 settled at Scone Farm, migrated to Western District, Victoria. married Hannah Knight, died in Melbourne. Leonard, born 1837, for many years engineer in charge of the northern section of Government railways, resided at Pleasant Banks, Perth, and Launceston (Tamar-street), married Mary Jane Gibson; Robert, born 1840, named after the artist, married Susan Neville: Thomas Tayspill, born 1841. settled in New Zealand; Edward Jackson, born 1843, for some years in Union Bank, Launceston. migrated to New Zealand;
William Archer, born 1850, a well known Launceston citizen, for many years associated with Barclay's ironmongery store. Daughters of Henry
Dowling were Elizabeth, Sarah (married her cousin, Charles Ware Dowling), Susannah. 
Dowling, Henry (I19537)
221 1821
1841 St Margarets Hope South Ronaldsay age 30 fisher, mother Catherine 70, sister Isabella 25.
1851 South Ronaldsay age 43 fisherman, mother Catherine Winwick age 83 widow, Pauper (Fishermans Widow).
1861 Hillside No 1 South Ronaldsay age 54 crofter, wife Margaret 50.
1871 Hill Midtown South Ronaldsay age 64 crofter, wife Margaret 59.
1881 Hill South Ronaldsay age 75 widower, Fisherman. 
Brown, James (I29997)
222 1821 Graimston South Ronaldsay age 10?, living with father Donald 44 and siblings.
1841 Herston South Ronaldsay age 45 fisherman, wife Margaret 50, children; Barbara 15, William 14, James 12, Janet 9, Donald 3.
1851 Property No: 16 - 12 South Ronaldsay age 56 fisherman, daughter Jannet 10.
1861 Banks South Ronaldsay age 65 Fisherman occupy 1 acre of land, wife Isabella 35, children; Margaret 1, William 2 months.
St Peters, S Ronaldsay A/10/18;
In memory of MARGARET SIMISON, spouse to WILLIAM BUDGE, who departed this life the 8th May 1848 aged 54 years. Also W BUDGE died 11 April 1867 aged 72 years. [Slab in front] In loving memory of WILLIAM BUDGE died 13th April 1867 aged 72 years, his wife MARGARET SIMISON died 8th May 1848 aged 54 years. Also ISABELLA TOMISON his second wife and my dear mother died 4th May 1902 aged 77 years. Also JAMES MCCARTNEY died 5th Oct 1938 aged 84 years beloved husband of MARGARET BUDGE. Erected by her to their memory. 
Budge, William (I33413)
223 1821 South Ronaldsay age 40 weaver, wife Jean 42, children; Barbara 12, William 10, Jean 8, Thomas 4.
1841 Sandwick South Ronaldsay age 60 weaver, wife Jane 60, daughter Margaret 15.
1851 Tafnichill ? South Ronaldsay age 73 Hand Loom Weaver, wife Jean 72, daughter Margaret 24. 
Cumming, James (I29966)
224 1821 "Kirkhouse" South Ronaldsay age 59 farmer, wife Ann 61, children; Peter 29 Carpenter, Ann 25, William 20 Carpenter, James 17, John 31 Fisherman.
1841 Kirkhouse South Ronaldsay age 75 Independant, wife Ann 75, daughter Ann 40. 
Sinclair, John (I51289)
225 1821 361 Stromness age 34 Merchant, wife Jannet 27, children; Joseph 5, Edwrad 4, Jannet 2.
1841 Nisthouse Harray age 50 farmer, wife Janet 45, children; Janet 20, Charles 15, Isabella 15, Ann 10, Margaret 6, Thomas 1.
1851 Nisthouse Harray age 64 Farmer Freeholder, wife Janet 56, children; Joseph 34, Isabella 25, Ann 19, Thomas 10, sister in law Margaret Smith 39 Formerly Straw Hat Maker.
St Michaels Kirk, Harray, a/10/21;
Sacred to the memory of ROBERT CLOUSTON of 'Nisthouse', who died 22nd November 1857 aged 71 years. 
Clouston, Robert (I16461)
226 1821 ?
1841 Aikers South Ronaldsay age 35, husband Alexander 40, children; Margaret 10, Alexander 8, Sicily 8, Jean 6, Michael 4, John 2.
1851 Aikers South Ronaldsay age 49 widow, Farmer of 12 acres, children; Margaret 20, Alexander 18, Cecilia 18, Michael 14, John 12.
1861 Ronsvoe South Ronaldsay age 58 widow, Farmer 10 acres, children; Alexander 29 Ploughman, Jane 27, Michal 24, John 22. 
Thomson, Michael (I26254)
227 1821 age 36, see father Robert.
1841 Babylon Deerness age ? Fisherman, Margaret 25 Straw Plaiter, Isabella 25.
1851 Babylon Deerness age 66 widower, Hull pensioner - sailor, daughters; Margaret 40, Jane 34.
Andrew was a widower when he died. son James Ritch was informant at death. 
Ritch, Andrew (I28037)
228 1821 Aiker St Andrews age 32, wife Jane 42, children; Euphan 9, William 7, John 5, David 2. Also Peter Mowat 70.
1841 Aicres St Andrews age 55 fisherman, wife Jean 55, children; William 25, David 20, Euphemia 25 Straw Plaiter.
1851 Aikers St Andrews age 65 Farmer of 15 Acres, wife Jane 67, son William 35, daughter in law Barbara 30, grandsons; William 5, John 2. 
Mowat, Alexander (I56592)
229 1821 Aikers Orphir age (60 - 70) Farmer 6.Black Cattle 2.Sheep 6.Gese 1.Swine, wife Margaret (50 - 60) (nee Hay), children; Margaret 10, Isabella 5, Ann 5, Magnus under 5. Ballantyne, Peter (I12386)
230 1821 Air South Ronaldsay age 21 Cooper.
1841 Grimness South Ronaldsay age 40 Cooper, wife Catherine 35, children; Peter 14, Alexander 12, David 12, William 7, Thomas 3.
1851 2 Air of Cara South Ronaldsay age 50 Herring Barrel Cooper, wife Catherine 47, children; Peter 24 Ship Carpenter, William 18 Fisherman, Thomas 13 Fisherman, Catherine 3.
1861 Ayr South Ronaldsay age 60 Cooper, wife Catherine 58, children; Thomas 22, Catherine 13.
1871 Ayre of Cara South Ronaldsay age 70 cooper, wife Catherine 68, children; Thomas 33 cooper, Catherine 23.
1881 Fishing Station South Ronaldsay age 80 widower, cooper, children; Thomas 41 cooper, Catherine 31, granddaughter Catherine 14.
St Peters, S Ronaldsay - N Parish, A/18/29;
In loving memory of THOMAS SWANNIE who died 2nd Sep 1882 aged 82 years. Also CATHERINE TAYLOR his wife died 6th March 1877 aged 74 years. CATHERINE SWANNIE their daughter died 22nd Oct 1887 aged 39 years. THOMAS SWANNIE their fifth son died 16th July 1910 aged 73 years. Erected by THOMAS S SINCLAIR. [Flat stone] Erected by THOMAS SWANNIE in memory of his wife CATHERINE TAYLOR who died 6th March 1877 aged 74 years. 
Swanney, Thomas (I43797)
231 1821 at Property No: 110 Stromness age 61 Blacksmith. Also there is a William Moar age 25 Blacksmith, and at Property No 116 is son Jonathan and his wife Margaret Clouston. Moar, John (I36718)
232 1821 Biggings Sandwick age 36 farmer, wife Sally 35 (nee Linklater), children; Robert 15, David 13, Margaret 9, James 7, Peter 5, Ann 4, William 1.
1841 Outertown Stromness age 55 farmer, wife Margaret 45, son Thomas 15.
1851 Garth Stromness age 68 Cottager, 2 acres, wife Margaret 52, daughter May 32. 
Towers, David (I12008)
233 1821 Blinkbonny Burray age 18, mother Clement 40, brother James 14.
1841 Burray age 36 Fisherman, wife Janet 25 b Scotland, children; Donald 8, Betsy 3, William 2 months.
1851 10 Hillside Burray age 47, daughter Betsy 13, living with brother James 43 Fisherman and his wife Isabella 52 pauper.
1861 Barnesbrae Burray age 54 widower, Fisherman, daughter Betsy 22 ag lab.
1871 Little Dikend Burray age 64 Fisherman. wife Margaret 45, mother in law's grandchildren; Margaret 15, Catherine 15, John 11, James 9, Magnus 6, Barbara 4, mother in law Margaret Berston 70.
1881 Eastdikend Burray age 80 Fisherman, wife Margaret 57, daughters; Kate 25, Barbara 14, grandchildren; John Sutherland 10, George W Bruce 4, Margaret Sinclair 3, William Sinclair 10 months.
St Lawrence, Burray plot A1/1;
In loving memory of MAGNUS SINCLAIR who died 9th Aug 1885 aged 85 years. Also MARGARET BERSTON, his wife, who died 5th Dec 1901 aged 75 years. 
Sinclair, Magnus (I21996)
234 1821 Blinkbonny South Ronaldsay age 56, Eliza 53, children; Barbara 21, Ann 20, Eliza 17, Laing 11. Also John Budge 1.
1841 Burray age 70 tailor, wife Elizabeth 70. Also John Budge 20 fisherman. 
Guthrie, Solomon (I11706)
235 1821 Bou Of Burray age 8 with brothers Robert 18, William 16.
1841 Burray age 25 Fisherman, wife Mary 30, sons; James 3, Magnus 10 months.
1851 4 North Hill Burray age 40 Fisherman, wife Mary 44 Hemp Spinner, children; James 13 Fisher Boy, Magnus 11 Fisher Boy, Jane 9, John 6, Ann 4, Janet 1.
1861 Stanningstown Burray age 48 Farmer of 4 acre & Fisherman, wife Mary 55, children; Jane 19, John 17, Ann 15, Jannet 13.
1871 Standstone Burray age 58 Fisherman, wife Mary 65, daughter Jane 28.
1881 Stanstone Burray age 74 widower, retired fisherman, son John 35 widower, fisherman, granddaughter Jessie Ann 8.
1891 Standingstone Burray age 83 widower, fisherman, living with son John and family. 
Wylie, John (I40392)
236 1821 Bou Of Burray Burray age 30, wife Betty 29, children; Betty 7, John 5, James 3, Robert 1. Also Ann Sinclair 50.
1841 New House St Ola age 45 farmer, wife Janet 45, also Esther 15.
1851 Newhouse St Ola age 58 ag lab, second wife Jannet 63.
1861 Berry Breck St Ola age 66 Farmer of 6 acres, wife Janet 73.
Died from old age, aged 74. Informant was son David Sinclair. Parents not known.
Parents may have been Robert Sinclair b 1754 and Mary Sclater b 1758. 
Sinclair, Thomas (I6486)
237 1821 Braebrake South Ronaldsay age 35, wife Christy 26, son James 1, Jane McKay 9.
1841 Grimness South Ronaldsay age 50 Fisherman, wife Christian 45, children; James 20, Edward 15, Jane 14, Magnus 10, Mary 8, John 6.
1851 Haybrake South Ronaldsay age 63 Miller of Water Mill, wife Christina 56, children; Mary 18, John 16. 
Louttit, James (I51705)
238 1821 Braehead South Ronaldsay age 57, wife Catherine 55, William 11, Bell 8. Edward was a shoemaker. Brown, Edward (I47386)
239 1821 Brandiquoy Deerness age 6, living with parents? James Esson & Jane Tait and siblings?
1841 Millers Deerness age 25 Fisherman, wife Margaret 25, daughter Margaret 4 months.
1851 Brandyquoy Deerness age 34 grocer, wife Margaret 33, children; Margaret 10, James 7, David 5, Jean 2.
1861 Brandyquoy Deerness age 45 Farmer / grocer, wife Margaret 45, children; James 17, David 14, Janet 10, John 7, William 5, sister Mary 50.
1871 Balfour Inn Shapinsay age 54 Lodger, Grocer.
1881 Brandaquoy Deerness age 65 Grocer / Farmer, wife Margaret 65 (nee Oddie), children; Margaret 35, Jane 32, William 25.
1891 Brandyquoy Deerness age 75 widower, General Merchant, daughter Margaret 49 House Keeper, granddaughter Margaret Esson 11. 
Esson, John (I45195)
240 1821 Breck Deerness age 3 living with parents and siblings.
1841 Lang Gutter Deerness age 20 Female Servant to Tait family. 
Craigie, Euphemia (I25310)
241 1821 Breck Deerness age 41, wife Plommer Wick 38, children; Elizabeth 15, Ann 14, Margaret 11, Mary 8, David 6, Euphan 3, John 1.
1841 Brake Deerness age 60 farmer; Mary 45, Ann 35, David 25 fisherman, Jean 15, William 15, Thomas 8, Isabella 6.
St Ninians, Deerness 1/j/4;
Sacred to the memory of OLIVER CRAIGIE of Brake, Deerness born September 1779 died 1850 and of his spouse PLUMBINA WICK born May 20th 1783 died 1828 erected in loving remembrance by their son WILLIAM CRAIGIE of United States America. Be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life. 
Craigie, Oliver (I16797)
242 1821 Brecknay Orphir age 50 - 60) Farmer 7.Black Cattle 3.Swine, Jane,Hay,Wife,,F,40,(40 - 50) (nee Sclater), children;
Jane 20 - 30), Isabella (15 - 20), Barbara (15 - 20), George (10 - 15), Harry (5 - 10), John (5 - 10), Margaret (under 5).
1841 Orphir age 70, wife Jane 60.
1851 ? of Kindale ? Orphir age 79 Farmer 2 acres, wife Jane 70. 
Hay, George (I15399)
243 1821 Bull, Orphir age (50 - 60) Farmer 12.Black Cattle 13.Sheep 20.Geese 2.Swine 1.Cart 1.Boat, wife Jane (50 - 60) (nee Hay), sons ;Benjamin & James (15 - 20) daughter Jane (10 - 15). Brass, Peter (I21509)
244 1821 C Hame South Ronaldsay age 41 farmer, wife Isobel Louttit 49, children; James Louttit 16, John Louttit 12, Bell Louttit 9.
1841 Cauldhame South Ronaldsay age 60 farmer, James 30, Isabella 15, John 25. No Isabella ?
1851 Caldhame South Ronaldsay age 73 Formerly Farmer, wife Isabella 79. 
Annal, Alexander (I15643)
245 1821 Cara S Ronaldsay age 59, wife Margaret 49, children; Magnus 25, Catherine 23, William 21, John ?, Jean ?, James 17 cooper, Alexander 13, Robert 11, Margaret 9. Also Christy Cromarty 69.
1841 Grimness S Ronaldsay age 75, William 40, James 30 cooper, Alexander 30, Margaret 25, Robert 30. Also James Sinclair age 20 Coopers App, (future husband to Margaret). Also Margaret Gutcher 15. 
Cromarty, Alexander (I15284)
246 1821 Cattysquoy South Ronaldsay age 21, also there is mother, Jean Barnet 60, Isabella Davidson 23 and Jane Davidson 18.
1841 Widewall South Ronaldsay age 40 fisherman, wife Mary Duncan 40, children; Jane 12, James 10, Mary 5, Barbara 4, John 2.
1851 Banks South Ronaldsay age 48 widower, Farmer of 3 acres, children; Barbara 14, John 11.
1861 Keetlyquoy South Ronaldsay age 59 widower, Farmer of 4 acre, children; Barbara 23, John 21. 
Davidson, John (I27710)
247 1821 Cauldhame South Ronaldsay age 3, sister Bell 5, parents Malcolm 46, Catherine 26.
1841 Cauldhame South Ronaldsay age 20 fisherman, Catherine Windwick 50.
1851 Cauld Hame South Ronaldsay age 31 fisherman, wife Margaret 28, children; Catherine 1, James under 1 month
1861 Cauldhame South Ronaldsay age 41 crofter, wife Margaret 38, children; William 10, James 8, Ann 6, George 5, John 2, Alexander 3 months. 
Windwick, William (I51590)
248 1821 census at "Musterha", Deerness
1841 census at "Musterquoy", Deerness with son John Spence 5mths old, but shown as male ritch age 2 months on web site for 1841
1861 census at "Musterhall", Deerness
1871 census at "Musterhall", Deerness
1881 census at Mirkhole", Deerness with son John Spence and brother Andrew a Nurse of Children 1881 but "Mother " quoted in 1891
1891 census at Little Breeks unmarried with son John Spence and his wife.
An annuitant
possibly at Frasers Close, Kirkwall at 1901 census
a Pauper, Single former Agricultural Labourer informant her son John Spence 
Ritch, Margaret (I50040)
249 1821 Chin Orphir age (20 - 30) with parents and siblings.
1841 Orphir age 40 fisherman, Isabella 30, children; William 4, Jean 2, Mary 6 months.
1851 Quoy of Seland Orphir age 50 Farmer 2 acres, wife Isabella 43, children; Jean 12, Mary 10, Cecilia 8.
1861 Little Seland Orphir age 60 Farmer of 7 acres, wife Isabella 53, children; William 23 Fisherman, Jean 22 Dressmaker, Mary 20, Cecilia 18.
1871 Sealand Orphir age 70 Farmer 16 acres, wife Isabella 63, daughter Cecilia 28.
St Nicholas, Orphir, 1/6/24;
WILLIAM GARRIOCH died 25th Aug 1878 aged 77 years, his wife ISABELLA TAIT died 15th March 1891 aged 83 years. Also their daughter CECILIA GARRIOCH died 2nd Nov 1929 aged 86 years. 
Garrioch, William (I37385)
250 1821 choice of 2 so more research needed.
1841 North Dyke Sandwick is Bella 25 Straw Plaiter, with children; Ann 5, David 4, husband William ??
1851 Giron Sandwick age 40 Farmer 10 acres, 2 Lab, wife Isabella 40, children; Anne 16, David 14, William 8, John 6, Edward 4, James 2, Unnamed female 1 month, (Sarah)?
1861 U Quoys Sandwick age 49 Farmer 13 acres, wife Isabella 48, children; Edward 14, James 10, Sarah 9, Isabella 8, Jean 6, Mary I 1.
1871 Upper Quoys Sandwick age 59 Farmer of 15 acres, wife Isabella 58, children; James 21, Sarah 20, Isabella 18, Mary 11.
1881 Upper Quoys Sandwick age 69 farmer, wife Isabella 67, daughter Jean 25.
St Peters Kirkyard, Sandwick, row 1L plot 16;
In memory of WILLIAM BRASS, Quoys who died 8th August 1889 aged 78 years and his wife . (defaced by repair) who died 1st April 1900 aged 89 years. 
Brass, William (I25093)

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