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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Annal, Gordon Ernest  1890Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I39526
2 Annal, Norman Alexander  1888Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I39525
3 Cormack, Barbara  May 1864Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25043
4 Cormack, Barbara  22 Oct 1866Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25037
5 Cormack, Betsy  22 Oct 1866Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25042
6 Cormack, Jane  Abt 1857Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25050
7 Cormack, William  1861Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25041
8 Cumming, Thomas Forrest  26 Sep 1842Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I45491
9 Dowling, Ethel Hilda  1884Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I45569
10 Drever, May Tait  01 Oct 1884Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I37193
11 Drever, William Alexander  1892Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I32231
12 Evans, Albert  Abt 1887Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I42376
13 Evans, Mabel  Abt 1893Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I48147
14 Evans, William  Abt 1884Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I42375
15 Flett, Irvine Russell  1886Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I35069
16 Forbes, James Alfred  Abt 1868Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I29324
17 Furze, James Henry  Abt 1848Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I53634
18 Furze, William Shannon  1897Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I53640
19 Gatherer, Reginald Evan  Abt 1889Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I34052
20 Gibson, William  15 May 1855Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36339
21 Groat, John George  1913Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I42899
22 Harcus, William James Sinclair  Abt 1891Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I40852
23 Inkster, Margaret Christina Gibson  1852Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I47371
24 Linklater, David  1874Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I39659
25 Linklater, Eliza Jane  1875Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I39660
26 Linklater, William  1878Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I39661
27 Lowery, Margaret  27 May 1865Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I32209
28 Marwick, John Garrioch  1863Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I47308
29 McKechnie, James Alexander  06 Feb 1892Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36852
30 McKechnie, William Neilson  Abt 1884Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36851
31 McKenzie, Annie  1886Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I33853
32 McKenzie, Isabella  1884Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I33852
33 Mclaren, Isabella  Abt 1843Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I45648
34 Miller, Alexander Cook  1884Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I33798
35 Miller, Elizabeth Coghill  1887Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I33799
36 Miller, Victoria Daisy  1889Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I39689
37 Mowat, Douglas Balfour  31 Oct 1912Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I38955
38 Omand, Brice de Leon  19 May 1916Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36283
39 Omand, Elijah John  1922Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36286
40 Omand, Hilda Eunice  16 Jul 1917Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36284
41 Omand, Robert Kirkness  17 Dec 1925Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36287
42 Omand, Ronald Maxwell  12 May 1913Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36282
43 Omand, Walter Stewart  26 Aug 1918Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36285
44 Purbrick, Frederick Charles  1875Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I46273
45 Rendall, Daphne Marguerite  1887Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36750
46 Rendall, David Weir  1886Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36823
47 Rendall, Doris Vera  1900Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36831
48 Rendall, Harold Gordon  1893Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36828
49 Rendall, Horace Auber  1884Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I32718
50 Rendall, Lysle Helene  1887Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I32720

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ?, Catherine  30 Nov 1924Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I33120
2 ?, Lillian Louise  22 Mar 1951Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I42396
3 Cormack, James  16 Mar 1929Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I25052
4 Cumming, Thomas Forrest  15 Aug 1949Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I46671
5 Dean, Amelia Susan  1872Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I47129
6 Dowling, John Ware  22 Jul 1934Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I45487
7 Dowling, Percy  1870Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I45543
8 Drever, Isabella  11 Sep 1955Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I44630
9 Drever, John Mill  10 May 1902Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I32255
10 Drever, Joseph  29 Jun 1932Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I32210
11 Drever, Samuel  09 Dec 1921Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I37196
12 Flett, Annabella  08 Oct 1919Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I33014
13 Flett, Arthur George  16 Mar 1945Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I31965
14 Flett, Eliza  02 Aug 1871Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I33179
15 Flett, Helen  27 Aug 1867Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I33024
16 Flett, James  30 Jul 1897Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I21118
17 Flett, Lilly Maud  31 Jul 1983Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I40593
18 Flett, Walter Andrew  06 Aug 1941Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I43242
19 Foubister, William Skea  14 Dec 1928Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I43710
20 Foulis, James Hamilton  08 Jan 1879Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I30660
21 Freyer, Allen Kelso  17 Aug 1870Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36795
22 Gibson, William  15 May 1922Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36339
23 Hassett, Mary  1901Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I37260
24 Hughes, Mary Ann  23 May 1907Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I39352
25 Irvine, Alexina Laura  1951Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I45692
26 Irvine, Jessie  1953Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I38830
27 Irvine, Robert Johnson  25 Aug 1863Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I39630
28 Lawrance, Elsie May  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I32729
29 Lennie, Robert Skea  1861Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I49377
30 Leslie, Patricia  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I37908
31 Linay, John Hay  28 Feb 1906Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I47306
32 Linklater, David  11 Jun 1893Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I37727
33 Linklater, Eliza  1937Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I37729
34 Linklater, Francis James  24 May 1971Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I40390
35 Linklater, Marjory Alice  08 Mar 1990Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I35142
36 Littlechild, William Henry  06 Sep 1949Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I46704
37 Louttit, Winifred Maud  13 Mar 1958Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I33812
38 Markwell, Helen Emily  05 Jun 1997Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36800
39 Markwell, James  22 Oct 1931Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36805
40 Markwell, William  25 Oct 1907Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I32211
41 Markwell, William Joseph  11 Nov 1948Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I34223
42 Marwick, Elrick Linay  1943Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I47360
43 Marwick, Fanny Margaret  1949Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I53007
44 Mathews, Martha Anne  1943Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I40599
45 McCarthy, Glenmore (Glen) Charles  26 Nov 2014Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I33862
46 McKechnie, Jeannie  1961Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I36850
47 Miller, Margaret Fea  28 Oct 1894Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I20409
48 Miller, Robert Royal  1966Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I30945
49 Miller, Thomas  1905Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I33495
50 Milne, Stephen Muir  31 Mar 1910Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I43584

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Burlison / Linklater  1887Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F9895
2 Dowling / Vines  01 Jun 1857Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F12130
3 Drever / Fitzgerald  1913Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F9759
4 Inkster / Murphy  03 Nov 1863Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F13849
5 Irvine / Montgomery  01 Sep 1883Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F8489
6 Isbister / Farish  1904Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F10488
7 Kirkness / Flett  11 Mar 1858Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F8983
8 Linklater / Shell  16 Apr 1902Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F10684
9 Louttit / Grant  03 Jun 1869Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F8662
10 McKenzie / Drever  03 Dec 1879Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F8413
11 Morey / Roberts  10 May 1853Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F10990
12 Mowat / Schild  08 Dec 1896Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F10274
13 Neville / Flett  20 Aug 1855Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F9346
14 Omand / Jubber  1911Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F9504
15 Omand / Thacker  12 Mar 1862Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F9308
16 Scott / Abernethy  02 Jul 1884Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F9368
17 Sinclair / Sparks  1865Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F13102
18 Soutter / Rendall  08 Jul 1922Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F8548
19 Wright / Peace  13 Feb 1869Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F8821
20 Wykes / Davis  1880Melbourne, Victoria, Australia F14024

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